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  1. Anyone know if there's anywhere reliable - either in or close to the City - that could service and clean up a pair of Technics 1210 turntables?
  2. It's a problem with a recently added block of IP's we acquired from Arin ( You've probably been assigned an IP from this range. A disconnect/reconnect will normally sort it. There's been a service status thread open for a few weeks now. There's also some discussion over on our forums. Best regards,
  3. If you can provide me with some means of identifying your account (username or recent support ticket reference) then I'll happily take a look and see if I can spot anything untoward? Sorry to hear you had a bad experience The comment about the lack of traffic management documentation surprises me though. We're typically really good at that. There was certainly plenty of it three years ago (I've been working here close to a decade now). The older iteration of our unlimited account had clear documentation regarding the various rate limits we applied, there wasn't an upper limit or fair usage policy though? You can still still see this over on our website. The Unlimited product we sell today is devoid of any rate limits/explicit shaping and has no fair usage policy attached to it. The forums are run by customers and not us, so any banning will have been the decision of the moderators. We're not in the habit of putting the phone down on people either so apologies if that happened to you at any point. Regards,
  4. He's actually pretty funny if you see him doing stand-up. Something tells me the horse has long since bolted but if there's anything I can help with then give me a nudge. Regards,
  5. That's good advice. Nothing at our side can influence the quality/state of your wireless connection. It all takes place locally between the kit you have connected and the router itself. There's a few tips about improving wireless connectivity here and here. If you can get hold of another router then that's worth trying too. Best regards,
  6. Not sure what you mean there? Assigning a console to the DMZ won't restrict the number of devices you can connect to the router. It's just the console would be assigned the WAN IP of the Internet connection rather than an internal IP address (all other devices connected to the router would be assigned a private IP from the router using DHCP). Regards,
  7. As others have alluded to it would be handy to know whether or not the consoles are wired or relying on a wireless connection. If wireless, it would then be handy to know whether or not it's the wireless connection dropping or the actual PPP connection between the router and the Internet. It may well be the latter and the laptops simply recover from the situation more gracefully. I'd imagine there must have been some degree of connection loss between the router and the Internet in for us to have arranged BT engineer visits in the first place. Forgiving the first statement it's a shame he's not still with Plusnet because we can normally fix those symptoms remotely with some router tinkering. Ghozer's advice about the DMZ is good but you're right to assume that it's not much help where multiple consoles are concerned. Regards,
  8. OK, done a little digging and it seems the terms of the competition could have been made a little clearer. As could some of the communication sent to winners (although I've a feeling we neglected to send that too on this occasion). We'll fix this for next time. Regarding the competition in question, 8 of the 10 winners have already signed up with us. I suspect for many of them this will be their first foray into broadband (given the nature of the event) so many of them won't be in the same situation as you. Reading this ... ... It seems that you already have an internet connection? Is this with Virgin or a MPF LLU provider like TalkTalk or Sky? I'm guessing it's somebody like this based on the £60.00 installation fee you're referring to. You'll already be paying line rental to somebody. Depending on who this is you might be able to keep your line rental with them and just switch your broadband to us (although it's unlikely based on the above assumption). I think it's fair that we cover the cost of installation however I'd still expect you to pay for your line rental. If thats changes the situation at all then let me know and I'll arrange for somebody to get in touch again. Best regards,
  9. Suspected that would be the case. More info here for anyone interested. Leave it with me and I'll see what I can do ... Edit: Did you receive a letter from us detailing what you'd won? I'm led to believe the terms of the offer were explained in this to avoid any surprises when it came to signing up? Best regards,
  10. Really? How did you win it? I'm surprised you're being held to the installation cost. Has your account been set up yet and if so can you provide me with your account username? Best regards,
  11. Well we've been holding assessment days pretty frequently of late so I's say so. If I click Apply now under Technical Support Advisor then I'm taken through an application process? (Firefox 5.0). The turnover's not that bad compared to a lot of other similar environments I've worked in! Rgds,
  12. They are, although earlier iterations may not have been back when you were a customer. Rgds,
  13. Hi there, The email is genuine. You should find that the header and footer of the email makes reference to the company who managed the mailing for us - You'd have had to have opted into receiving promotional offers from third parties in order to have received one of these though. It's a pretty common marketing approach although admittedly it is kind of 'new territory' for us! Kind Rgds,
  14. It'll work on Vista too, I did a bit of playing around with it earlier on today after I saw an article on The Register that said somebody had got it working. I blogged it on our Community Site. It's linked here. Rgds,
  15. Looks like your pretty luck then!! ADSL Guide Tiscali Forum. Regards,
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