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  1. Could someone please tell if you can get the lift from a floor to b floor at hallamshire hospital
  2. I am disabled and had a long shower tray put in my bathroom with a glass panel at the side which enable me to walk into the shower.i also had a seat on the wall and grab rails all along to hold on to It was the perfect solution.
  3. i am looking for a house cleaner any recommendations please in S11 area
  4. Does anyone know where i can buy Vine leaves to make my own stuffed vine leaves, Called Dolmades
  5. You can get a discount on your council tax from Sheffield Council if you use a wheelchair in your home.I have received this they just send someone round to check. I received in a month after applying and it was backdated by 3 months.
  6. Emmaus are very good.Will take any furniture as long s it has a fire certificate prompt collection as well.
  7. WE have used Coates and were very pleased with them and their services.
  8. It is not only about the sugar but about the carbs which turn to sugar in your body,It has got 24 carbs per portion to high for a diabetic.
  9. Does anyone go to the well being centre at norfolk park. Is it good for a person with dementia and do you know the opening hours. Many Thanks
  10. Hi I googled and found Sheffield Taxi Services with wheelchair accessible taxis Tel 0114272000. Hope this helps.
  11. Hi How long does it take to get a quote from a builder. He came and lokked and measured for my driveway last week. many thanks
  12. Our road in s11 now been completed and looking good .
  13. No sign of Amey today in S11 although road signs say mon tues weds. Its a total disgrace. They are leaving the roads to be very dangerous with all the surfaces dug up and uneven also no warning signs
  14. live in S11 our road is closed with no sign of workman. Worse still I am in a wheelchair and cannot get out as we live on a cul de sac .They have taken the top surface of the road and left so many craters it very dangerous. WE keep lokking for the workmen but no sign of them. Lets hope we have more luck tomorrow
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