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  1. I've pm'd you my number incase they are still available?
  2. I am getting married in 2 weeks and need a hoop. I was supposed to be borrowing a friends but they have let me down!! Just wondered if anyone had one to sell relatively cheap? Many thanks
  3. jodieb, just wanted to say it is clear to me from your accusations that you know not that much about the life of many racing dogs, it is unfair for you to make such comments when you obviously dont know about the whole spectrum of things. I agree that in some cases these dogs are mistreated or just disposed of, but this is something that goes on everywhere not just racing, think of all the animal cruelty cases the rspca have to deal with on a daily basis, most cases being animals in domestic propertys. But then there is many racing dogs that are highly looked after and sometimes more looked after than some peoples pets! This is not an attack at your post but without the full knowledge of things which as i say from your comments you clearly dont have then you should not be making posts with such accusations, everyone is allowed an opinion but surely to make an opinion on something you need to know the facts??
  4. thanks bloomdido i have pm'd you gempau x
  5. Hi My friend is doing a charity event in aid of Rotherham Hospice. The event is being held at the Lyric Theatre in Dinnington, There is going to be a Take That tribute act along with a girls aloud tribute. And plenty more surprises on the evening. Here is a write up of the event - Take That 2 are one of the best Take That tribute bands in the UK today. Not only are all four members from the same area as the boys themselves but 'Gary' from the act has a voice so close to Gary Barlow's that you'll find it very hard to tell the difference. The other major advantage is that Gary also plays live piano and guitar. Team that up with three other highly talented professional vocalists and you have a tribute show that simply cannot be rivalled anywhere. Take That 2 were even asked to perform at the O2 arena with the real Take That - praise indeed! Take That 2 will be supported by Ultimate GIRLS ALOUD Popular Duo DIAMONTE and the Spotlight Dancers from Gillian Baks Theatre School. Reviews: "I watched this group recently at the Seagull in Brean and what a show, it was absolutely fantastic, not only were the boys fantastic but the whole show was so well put together. I liked the fact that Take That videos were played on the big screens, it really did feel like you were watching the real band. I would certainly go out of my way to watch this group again, well done boys!"- Michelle Anthony "I booked Take That 2 for my event in London and I've seen the real Take That several times. Take That 2 are without doubt the nearest thing you'll ever get to the real thing, Take That should watch out, these guys sound incredible" - Anna (Event Organiser) "OMG I saw them last year, we had a conference for Boots own make up range No.7 and they came to our training and performed for us at night, it was an amazing night. The guys had breakfast with us all and they were amazing performers really nice guys as well. Defo an A+++ for them they were fantastic!" - Julie Baillie Tickets £19.95 inc pie and peas So please people this is for a very well deserved charity. Having been to many of these events i can assure you will be pleasantly surprised. There is never no expense spared at any of theses events. Perfect for couples, family get togethers or groups of friends, such a brilliant atmosphere. Im posting this to help my friend out as he really does deserve all the support he can get. If anyone is interested in this then please dont hesitate to pm me, Thanks for reading
  6. i have always found bepanthen works brilliantly, clears my little girl up within hours!
  7. Hi My daughter has just turned 18 months old and am really wanting to take her to a nice playgroup to mix with other children. I am ideally looking for one within the s12 area of sheffield as i dont drive if anyone knows of any in this area then please let me know many thanks
  8. so do you know where i can purchase them or are you just thread spoiling?
  9. Hi Just wondered if anyone knows where ed hardy is stocked? thanks gempau
  10. thanks again zebra, I think that the shop has just tried to get away with it, but now ive mentioned trading standards hopefully it should get me somewhere. All I want is the pram I payed for, it annoys me that having spent all that money they want me to just make do with with some modifications, that dont really solve the problem. Oh well I will keep you posted x
  11. thanks a lot zebra, the problem ive got is that it isnt a chain store. It is a family run baby shop of which there is only one. Had it been mothercare etc then I would have done exactly that and gone to the store. I have sent another email to them explaining everything again and quoted the sale of goods act to them, and advised that I had put it in wiriting to them also as requested by trading standards. So lets see where we go from here x
  12. so to follow on - Before I got chance to send the shop the letter that trading standards advised they contacted me to say the seat unit had arrived and would be posted ASAP. So after a week of further waiting it has finally arrived today! But in actual fact they havent sent me a seat unit, they have basically just sent me a seat cover with, wait for it ............... NO STRAPS!!!! that was the whole point of me needing a new seat due to manufacturers not putting long enough straps on. Plus as I agreed to have a different colour due to mine being discontinued it no longer matches the hood, which I would have thought they would send me to match! Also my daughter is 15 months old now and on the back of the seat cover it states minimum age 18 months !!!! so from a safety point of view I can't use it anyway for another 3 months. So in total I have had 5 months use out of the original pushchair as for the first 6 months my daughter was in the carrycot which I also purchased and then 5 months she fitted in the pushchair. I have phoned trading standards again and they have just told me to send another letter. So am going to do that. Just wondered what everyones thoughts on this were? Thanks
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