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  1. According to the Internet it's been called ale tasters venue viva salsa then bar 101
  2. Hi not sure I'm posting in the right place but does anyone know What year the claymore changed names I'm trying to find out what it was called In 1995/6 can't seem to find anything on Google re dates just names but none of them ring a bell to me Thanks
  3. its closed for a week think its getting done up there was a sign on the window it said something about been completely shut for a few days then only opening for petrol/diesel for a few days before re opening properly
  4. thats what my bloke said love me tender and i swore blind he was wrong maybe ill not tell him that i asked on here lol thanks anyways :-)
  5. herries rd near the northen theres quite a few there can be a bit dangerous as its a busy main rd but theres usually loads that the wind has blown off on the grass.
  6. oops i mean cant for the life of me think what it is lol
  7. hello people bit ov a weird one here but does anyone out there know what the song is that the people are blowing their soup to on the heinz advert???????????? its doing my head in now because i cat for the life of me think what it is
  8. there's 3 prisons in doncaster 1 which is just a remand prison they don't do their sentence there then there's lindholme and moorlands next to each other both of them are cat A prisons ranby is in retford or near there and that's a cat C most prisoners go to somewhere like that just before release and even though its a cat C security is tighter there than at moorlands and lindholme.
  9. no i dint wait behind the white line well not after the 2 cars in front of me eventually managed to turn right
  10. Hi the other day i was at the traffic lights at the junction of barnsley rd where the netto is and i was coming from ecclesfield wanting to turn right onto elm lane the lights changed to green 3 times while i was waiting and eventually on the 4th time i managed to turn in my opinion there should be a filter light for all vehicles wanting to turn right from both ends of barnsley rd anyone agree?
  11. just seen em on the next website £120 so may be able to get them from next in meadowhell as they have a sports bit.
  12. if you haven't got it sorted yet try access decode they have got a thing on here in the business bit.
  13. my boyfriend has a quad and he was out on it yesterday around s5 where exactly im not sure. but him and his friends arent little boys there grown men who all have road legal quads all they wanted to do was go out on them an have fun instead of sitting in the house moaning about the snow like it seems a lot of other people were doing.. im sure though that if it was them that was down near ritz bingo and they saw kids in the road or near the road they would slow down so cant imagine it been him and his friend that the op is talking about. they dont wear helmets either because they dont have to.
  14. thanks rosyrat do you know what date its ?
  15. cheers everyone for yours replies i can remember going there as a kid with my little lantern lol:hihi: every year i though it was great doubt it will still be the same or have the same effect on me now as it did back then but will defo be going now i know when it is lol.
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