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  1. Would people think a 'private dentist' was better. I guess they all have the same qualifications but maybe people arent ushed away as fast as they pay more?
  2. Near Meadowhall but travelling is fine!
  3. Hi everyone, Can anyone give me a private dentist that is good please. Ive been at my dentist for 30 years but in April my dentist who ive have for the whole 30 years has retired. Needless to say i cannot cope with the new one, she literally rips my mouth apart. It has just become a MyDentist as well, it was always ran by the two dentists there and no its gone to a corporation. I was looking at Bupa or Sainsburys maybe, but there arent many reviews abput. Anyone got a preference please? Thanks all
  4. Me and a friend bought one, called handy rack or something. Straps go around the roof through the door. Brilliant. Took us and all or gear to Newquay three years running till we stopped going Brilliant things, much cheaper than boxes. Dont leave marks or anything.
  5. Oh wow thats lucky. Think I may have paid like £150 or more but definitely worth it for what you get.
  6. I loved my photos from there. Yes uts expensive but what you get is incredible photos of you with nice hair and makeup. You can pay over 6 months so its easy. Im lookung at going back again.
  7. Agree We shop at this aldi every week for some food. My mum works in sainsburys but we still shop here as its cheaper. At the end of the day a carrot is a carrot. Whether its from aldi or waitrose. Nothing wrong with food at aldi. ---------- Post added 02-04-2017 at 22:14 ---------- You dont get paid to skive. You are there to do a job. Every supermarket has shelf stackers that have to come on the till when there is a need.
  8. I am now 33 and I went there too. I know, life was much better then. I feel sorry for what kids dont get now knowing what we had. Its a shame, it really is.
  9. Thats not the point. Some childwill get hurt, kid have been run over on that but of road in the past. I dont live right on that part of the road but driving down is horrendous, and dont tell me to change my tine of going as why should I. A kid getting hurt would maybe push someone in to doing something and I hope that person is me, its happened once before and I never want to go through it again.
  10. Yep it wouldnt take much throwing out some fines as that would stop them, but I imagine they would just be back the next month doing it again. Brightside is also horrendous but it does seem worse up here. Maybeits becuase I drive up here more.
  11. Unfortunately it was the headmeaster who said last year when a kid rad out in to the road to get in a car that its just because they are excited. Yeah well it wont be exciting having two broken legs is it. Ive hit a kid not far from the school because they ran out from behind another car. It stays with you forever. Thankfully he didnt die but imagine if he had. Why should we have to suffer from the parents stupidity. ---------- Post added 31-03-2017 at 16:21 ---------- Im imagine the one down the road. Yep just as bad there. Peo0le dont give a crap at all.
  12. No but the problem is nothing at all is been done about. They dont even care and im praying for a kid to run out and hurt, that way something might get done! I may send the footage off to someone when i get a reply from the school
  13. Not sure whether anything will ever happen with the parking outside the school during end of day. It is absolutly appaling that they continue to let this happen every single day. I was once told when driving be the head teacher that a child ran in to the road, 'oh its just because they are excited about the holiday'. Are you having a laugh, really. Cars park continually in the bus stop and on the other side of the road, car constanly turning in the road outside school. Why is this and why is it allowed. Hoping maybe a child gets run over, then something might be done. Is that what it will take? I do have footage on my dashcam that will go further than the school to get it sorted before a child is killed. Having lived down the road for the past 30 years and attending the school as well this is the worst and whats worse is you contimue to let it happen. Sort out the lazy parents who cant be arsed to walk to pick their children up!
  14. There isnt a tram srop where im talking about although ive just realised where I thought Costa was is actually where subway is,while I wasnt talking atbout that junction you are right. I was thinking of the one at the crossroads.
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