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  1. Everyone has their own opinion, but I found the coffee to be of extremely good quality at this place - reasonably priced, and the staff were very friendly and helpful. It doesn't look to have been open long so will be interesting to see how it develops!! :love:
  2. I thought they sounded good too - but this was probably the worst gig/concert i've ever been to! Unfortunately I didn't get a standing ticket and had to sit miles away from the stage, right near the back at the opposite end of the arena. It would have helped if they had decent sized screens showing decent close ups of the band (rather than weird MTV style footage) - there was absolutely no atmosphere whatsoever and I would have been better off spending my 55 pounds on a dvd of the band and/or sitting watching MTV at home!! I very much doubt i'll be going to Sheffield Arena again unless I can get a standing ticket!!!
  3. Thanks for the advice, Maybe it would be a good idea just to get a new one. If I bought an arcade model, could I just slot my hard drive/memory thingy in?? Also, where can I get the cheapest deal - anyone know? Would prefer to buy new for obvious reasons!
  4. Hello! Anyone know where I can get an x-box 360 repaired, preferably near the centre(ish) of Sheffield?? I've had it repaired in the past, but it has just broken again (two red lights). Very frustrating!!!
  5. Now that the weather is getting slightly warmer (!), does anyone feel up for a kick about? Having recently moved to Sheffield, I am keen to play a bit of footy again - but not sure if I can commit to weekly training sessions/being kicked for fun by a hung-over nutter on sunday mornings. So, does anyone fancy a bit of cuppies/60 seconds down Endcliffe park (other suggestions welcome) in the near future??? I'll bring a jumper....and maybe a ball.....
  6. Hello! I've recently moved to Sheffield after getting a job here. However, I'm getting a bit tired of boring nights in and would quite like to do a night school course, preferably learning a skill like tiling/basic plumbing. I've tried searching on the internet but just get don't really know what i'm looking at! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!! Please help!
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