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  1. Oh and also Sheffsal, in response to your second post. I am a tax payer and I for one also pay tax on 2 jobs. So dont judge everyone who is merely passing comment on this subject and certainly do not tarnish everyone with the same brush. The reason why I have been referred to A4e before in the past is because I was made redundant and therefore qualified for help and assistance straight away. This was only a 2 day thing and I was in out quicker than I was able to sign the 100 forms they give you. I am more than aware that they do help some epople into finding work, although there is just as many that cannot and will not be helped. So once again, rather than moaning about being a tax payer of 2 jobs, remember that your not the only person out there who need to do that to make ends meet and to keep a roof over your head.
  2. Jesus chill out like. The reason why Sheffield has allowed people to post their comments on here is because it is a public forum where individuals are entitled to post their "OPINION" on an issue or subject that they feel strongly about. If that is the way they feel about this person regardless of whether you class this as "SLANDER" or not, then surely they are entitled have their say and put their own point across however they like. Who are you to tell them that they are wrong. Freedom of speech and all that. The last time I checked I was living in a free country where individuals were allowed to make up their own mind, without being judged or pressured into thinking a certain way. get off your high horse mind you dont fall off your soap box on the way down.
  3. This I like the sound of, and then they can let the bolt go that holds the wheel in place and just let roll to wherever it needs to be, woop woop woop. I would pay really good money for that :thumbsup:
  4. lol, well there you go lol. Although you can bet that the funding will suddenly unexpectedly appear wont it? Funny how the power of someone in government can have a massive effect on an issue, especially if it directly affects them. Tut, disgraceful :roll:
  5. Nice one. I like BEST training because they actually listen to what people want. I have a few friends who work for them, one being the business manager in Leeds. The nickname also sounds quite fitting. I just think its ridiculous that the government are Monopolising with providers because A4e have just won the bid to take over Direct Payment clients as well. So maybe soon Emma will be running for Prime Minister because it certainly seems a little bit like domination of the UK. Cant go anywhere these days without something cropping up with regards to A4e. Hmmmmmmmmmm think I might just move to Cambodia or something lol.
  6. wow excellent. I can only imagine just how nice it would have been being stuck at work all day. Still I managed to soak up a little of that glorious hot stuff :hihi: :P:P :thumbsup:
  7. Went to the cinema to see The Wolfman. Thought it was excellent. As with all films there were a few rocky moments in it where the acting seemed a little garbage, but overall excellent. Benicio Del Torro was superb. Anthony Hopkins I was seriously dissapointed with. Still worth going to see though.
  8. OMG I sat and watched this with my partner. Crickey. I had an idea as to the plot to the film but I never in a million years thought it would be like this. " grown men sat and cried constantly all the way through. lol. ANyone would think we were gay or something pmsl
  9. Well Well Well. What a long time waited eh? It was absolute bliis being able to walk out fo work today on my lunch and actually not have to take my coat. How wonderful for it to feel a little bit like spring with the sunshine. Woop Woop Woop :banana: :clap: :wow:
  10. Its really weird actually because it was only last night I was camping out, quite literally in Ecclesall Woods and I heard these funny noises too. When I flicked my little pink torch on to go and investigate the noises suddenly stopped. I then flicked off my torch to go back to sleep and it started again. On closer inspection, I realised that it was me who kept waking myself up snoring. My bad, but maybe you should set up a voice recorder or even better still stick a peg on your nose.
  11. I fr one would like to add that jealousy does not play a part on my behalf also. I had never even heard of this woman until I was sent to A4e and was told to maybe read her daily blog, thats when a slight fascination came into play and decided to do some searching the net for her. I for one am not from sheffield so therefore she aint a local person to me. I whole heartedly agree with what you are saying with regards tot hose who are willing to try and gain the qualifications that can only make the job prospects greater than they already were. In am merely commenting on the assistance that is available to Graduate students. Having walked out of Uni with an excellent grade in my chosen subject, I was then sent here to aid my search for work. Everyone was spoken too in eactly the same way, undermining, patronising and belittling. I have had a high standard of education and needed someone too assist me with bettering my job searching skills, not to teach me the importance of Self Esteem, Confidence Building and Team Work. These things I already although after my 2 weeks stint, I feel that they had been shattered as I felt like I was back in Nursery. I know that in those kind of situations you can only work as quickly as the slowest person in your group, but even when issues were raised these fell upon deaf ears. Also never even heard of CTS or WYSE. Just for the record.
  12. I can applaud you for your post Pony. Makes me laugh that a forum is created for open discussions, then when someone airs their own views and opinions, they are quickly shot down and told they are in the wrong. Hmmmmmmmmmmm Feels like a nazi nation being interogated by the Gestapo. Wonderful.
  13. yes Spyke all of this all fine and well, I aint disagreeing with anything that anyone has put, I am merely airing my opinion on hjow that awful place is ran. Yes she may have built the business from nothingness, with or without a golden goose, I am more interested in the fact that people are pressured into working somewhere so that targets are achieved. I was mainly aiming my criticisms at the company and the staff there from personal experience. Although I do not like Emma, good for her for making a success out the business that has brought her so much fortune. Obviously, if I was in her position then I would be feeling extremely thankful. yes I have said things about her, but that is because of her lack of empathy towards the people who are actually giving A4e the profits it is making. As long as bums are on seats and the moneys are rolling in, then thats all that matters. not whether people are actually matched to jobs they want to do.
  14. Oh right of course, yes I can see now, thank you for opening my eyes to how hard working and wonderful this lady is. As I have said before. You slamming Pony and myself for airing on an open forum may I add, our thoughts and views regarding a certain subject. Obviously, I am not that uneducated that I expect everyone to understand what I am saying or even to agree with me. Although these are my views, my opinions and also my thoughts and beliefs. Therefore if they are wrong, so be it, although I am not going to be told they are wrong by someone who I have already said, is bullying their way around telling me that these are wrong. they are not wrong, they are my opinions, I am an adult who is able to make judgements of my own and form my own opinions. Thank you.
  15. I just believe Pete_jim that you are the one in the wrong here. HOW DARE YOU tell someone that because they have had the front to air their veiws and opinions over a subject that they either feel a) strongly about or b) may have a concern and disliking about, that they are in the wrong. Not one person who has cast any issue regarding A4e or even Emma Harrison on this thread are wrong because it THEIR view and THEIR opinion. Regardless of how much you may not like what has been written, this does not constitute you with the right to tell them they are wrong for having beliefs and thoughts. Are all Christians, Jewish, Muslim, Sikh or even Catholic people wrong because of their belief in their faith. No they are not, so get off you soap box with the bullying, arrogant persona that you have have and yes, please give your thoughts and idea's, but dont YOU dare tell people they are in the wrong for what they have put. Oh and the massive hand that Emma had came from the business already being established by her father first. Common knowledge that everyone knows.
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