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  1. All year round grazing 1 1/2 acre to rent. We are located in Mosborough s20. You have your own paddock running water but no electric. Plenty of off road hacking. Theres a school next door you can hire if you wish. Its £65 per month per horse/pony. Theres no field shelter but you can put a mobile field shelter up if you want to.
  2. Try Luke he does all of our yard very good 07792626986. if more the one horse he charges £15 for a trim.
  3. Two acre paddock for rent. we are based in between mosborough and eckington. Plenty off road hacking. water on site. its £15 pounds per week per horse.Any more info please contact me.
  4. It was at 10.30 at night so dont think it was kids wanting to play with the dog.As for leaflet distribition i dont think so as their letter box is on the front of the house and this was on the back gate.
  5. Yes the dog is chipped. They have been told that a dog was taken the same night just up the road from them .It told them to phone the police.
  6. Just to let people be aware that some one tried to steal my sons 6 month old lab last night. They are in Eckington the dog was out side in the enclosed garden and they came through the gate. Luckily the were disturbed. This morning they noticed a white paint mark on their newl wooden gate.
  7. 13.2 pony to loan 3/4 days per week.Good lead rein pony but does require a experience rider off lead rein. excellent In traffic to catch and groom.Only for loan as my 4 year old grandson has lost interest. If you require any more info please contact me.
  8. Have you tried your old address? as he might make his way back there.Hope you find him soon.
  9. Try starbucks in Beighton im not sure how much they are.
  10. 2acres of grazing to rent in between Mosborough and Eckington. you have your own 2 acre paddock there is water but no electric.There is a school next door wich you can hire, plenty of off road hacking. Its £15 pound per horse per week.
  11. Just seen on syp website that the man died in hospital later.R.I.P.
  12. im going to Rotherham hospital on Monday morning I could pick them up then if that's ok? im near crystal peaks so not that local.Thank you.
  13. That silly helicopter was searching for a missing woman whos body was found on rother valley country park. RIP.
  14. Hi do you still have the bags? if so what area are you in?
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