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  1. Call Justin, complete car care. 07550 079492
  2. Sheffield. Nowhere else exists in the UK does it?? Unfortunatly the bit i grew up in is the strange village called Wharncliffe side......(Not my fault)
  3. Malin bridge cafe, all day breakfast! Nothing finer!!!!
  4. Bradfield road heading through Hillsborough towards Stannington is a nightmare!!!! (At Rush Hour)
  5. This is anther national treasure that has been cut back so much that it no longer has the stature it had. One day it will be gone and postage costs will rocket that is for sure!!
  6. Hi, Just wondered if like me many others hand fond memories of their first car? Mine Was a C Reg MK2 Vauxhall Astra 13 in white and i loved it!
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