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  1. Haha...now that would be something you couldn't help but overhear:)I guess it was not as funny to the guy on the phone. ___________________ http://www.postalgold.info/
  2. I couldn’t imagine what the storyline would be about...hmm let me guess they have a baby so there will be mini blue creatures running about....hilarious. I admit the effects and graphics were incredible but as far as the rest goes Avatar was hopelessly OVERRATED...for the sake of sanity I hope that Avatar remains a one hit wonder. ______________________ http://www.postalgold.info/
  3. My favorite has got to be "all that is not given is lost"-unknown "Violence cannot be overcome by counter violence. Hatred can only be overcome by love"-Gandhi __________________________ http://www.postalgold.info/
  4. That sure does feel good. Surprises also make me feel really good.last week I got a call from my boyfriend at lunch time to go for a walk. I had my phone on silent so didn’t hear it ring...but he did call again asking if I would like to go out with him for dinner was an unexpected gesture and it made me feel pretty good. I also feel good when I finish a task...not finishing a task however can have the extreme adverse effect:) _________________________ http://www.postalgold.info/
  5. yummy..I've had this on two occassions.I usually always eat chocolate ice cream but I'm now crazy over vanilla ice cream. Vanilla is so much more versatile..love to add walnuts and gold syrup.Makes me want to start up my own ice cream cart.Would be a quick way to earn big money in the summer if it ever gets here. I had a veggie wrap for lunch with humous ,roasted peppers,lettuce cucumber and tomatoes.yum. Dinner will be baked salmon and veggies...and desert no doubt Vanilla Ice Cream:love:
  6. cheese and more cheese, cheese and chilli beans, cheese and sausage, feta cheese and bacon, feta cheese and roast peppers, smoked salmon and feta...mmmmm I'm hungry now which I had a toastie nearby. I love to put my toasties in the oven..i sometimes butter the top so that it gets a delicious gold colour.Post gold.I get it out of the oven before it burns.Burnt toasties are worth eating.
  7. Overheard conversations...can easily be misconstrued. I have plenty of experience on that...mostly leads to me misinterpreting the situation. Best not to listen or just be in the conversation yourself. __________________ http://www.postalgold.info/
  8. Some teas do come with a caloric value depending on the type e.g. the flavored teas but the value is still very low. Adding milk however does increase the caloric value and so doe’s sugar. Best to stick to simple teas such as green tea , white tea, or Rooibos which are low in caloric content and good for the body too.
  9. I saw Inglorious ******** on Tuesday just 3/10 from me was really very weak. Besides being historically inaccurate the storyline is rather lame promoting an eye for an eye concept of revenge. Also saw the Graduate for the first time got to admit it was not as impressive as people said it would be. Was a bit weird seeing Dustin Hoffman in his good old days. Still it was better viewing than The Inglorious Basterds so it gets a riveting 5/10 from me. "[Gordon] Brown may not want to discuss his pension-destroying, gold-selling, golden-rule-breaking, national debt-doubling, money-wasting, tax-raising, colleague-rubbishing, pledge-betraying, election-bottling record ... but we do." William Hague - Shadow foreign secretary
  10. hmm mushy peas..this can be quite delicious! I guess if its too mushy it may as well be a soup..which is super delicious with some cumin onion and chilli or for a extra taste sensation just a spoon of cream hmm I'm hungry now Just heat a tablespoon of olive oil.Add a chopped onion fry until the unions look gold. Post gold you will then add cumin seeds then chopped chilli then addin in peas simmer for 10 minutes then enjoy.Similarly Peas also make a great spread for sandwiches.Goes great with spicy sausages.
  11. I am pretty impressed with meals people seem to eat... seem quite balanced and nutritious not to mention delicious. I forgot my lunch at hometoday so all I' ve eaten up to now is a bowl of bran flakes with a half a hand ful of raisans this morning and One cup of Rooibos tea and a litre of water. Dinner will be baked fish and veggies:) Just a question..how many have you have made your meals from scartch? or is it store bought? _________________________ http://www.postalgold.info
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