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  1. it was more of a transit van that i saw. yes nimrod very dodgy, maybe we should take a trip to these carboots to see if our possesions and the lovely members of society tht stole them make an appearance. I know what id do to them!!!
  2. Ur probably right and it scares me too. I worry for my little girl, i will protect her and teach her to the best of my ability but it worries me of the friends she will choose at school! I do hope she picks wisely and dosnt gt drawn in with these kinds of people. Seriously tho the parents of these kids, what are they actually doing when ther kids are out torturing the nighbourhood, ive seen kids as soon as 6yr old walkin streets with a gang. People dont care about ther children as much as they used to and its really sad!
  3. Yes i know the individual u r talking about and i beleive he lives on kenworthy road or at least has done for past 6yr ish. Him and his little cronies are a bunch if mindless thugs tht should have been locked up and had key thrown away yrs ago!
  4. Freaklikeme:that sounds very strange and just like the kinds of people that people are reporting seeing. Thanku for all your replies, i just wonder wher the police are n what ther actually doing because surely theey must have received lots of reports especially from people who have been unfortunate enough to have ther things stolen. I understand they cant catch everyone but surly there shouldnt be so many people in so many areas of sheffield having this happening to them. I know of people tht have had their sheds emptied, planters stolen,kids garden toys and even down to having a few solar lights taken off ther gardens. Something needs to be done, why should these nasty scroats (to put it more politely than what id prefer to call them) get away with this!!
  5. Just a warning to everyone who lives in stocksbridge and surrounding areas, there is some theiving little ***** driving around in a red van stealing things off peoples frontts and also back gardens. Keep ur eyes out for them and if possible get the little scroats reg plate number. People should be able to have beautiful gardens with nice things tht cost a lot of money without worrying about them bein stolen espesh the older generation who live for their gardens and their pretty flowers. Dont let these people gt away with what ther doin. If u see them please try n take ther reg number. Thanks
  6. Sette Colli in hillsborough, a lot of my friends go there and absolutly rave about it. its on the same road as wilkinsons next to the petrol station. tryit, by the sound of it you wount be disapointed!!!
  7. its got to be luther vandross- dance with my father
  8. im in stocksbridge and for the past 3 times my lights have been flicking in every room like they do when there about to blow, my bedroom light blew earlier but nothing else. Its just strange how they have been flicking for past few days. someone mentioned on facebook tht it happened in there house n they saw someting strange in the sky, cant remeber exactly what it said bt something about lights in sky n a crossfire or something. anyway its all very strange!!!
  9. steve hasnt got it any more, new owners now. if you want a good chiipy, go to the one on manchster rd stocksbridge across from fultons.there the best fish and chips ever!!!!
  10. i dont know about mhall but u can get thm from the hairdressers in hillsborough precinct. i shud think the big hairdressers in meadowhall should stock them though
  11. Alpine Lodge in stocksbridge is fantastic. the staff treat patients like people instead of things. there really carin and sensitive. loveley nurses and carers and a loveley home at a high standard.
  12. crawshaws do the best sandwiches eva, espesh the hot roast pork with all the trimmngs
  13. hi you could try ebay or the admag/freeads.also the classified area on here and gumtree. theres a site called preloved too. try googlin places to sell pram in sheffield and c if that pulls anything up
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