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  1. All sessions to be held at Meersbrook United Reformed Church, Chesterfield Road, S8 0RP TUESDAY 22ND MARCH 9:45am - THE BFG EATS OUT A 50 minute special session for 3 and a half to 5 year olds. The giants in Giant Land love nothing better than to crunch and munch on human beans; small ones, tall ones, fat or thin – they don’t care! But what about the BFG? Does he like to nibble on nippers or is he altogether much too nice? £5.50 10:45am - CHOCOLATE BUNNIES A 40minute session for toddlers upto 3 years I knew a bunny who loved to eat chocolate for breakfast and chocolate for tea, chocolate at lunchtime and chocolate in bed. "Too much chocolate!’ Mummy bunny said. Find out what happens when the Easter bunny eats too much chocolate in this special session celebrating Easter time. £5.50 12:30pm -3:30pm THE BFG EATS OUT A 3 hour workshop for 5 - 7 year olds. The giants in Giant Land love nothing better than to crunch and munch on human beans; small ones, tall ones, fat or thin – they don’t care! But what about the BFG? Does he like to nibble on nippers or is he altogether much too nice? £15.00 THURSDAY 31ST MARCH 9:30am - 12:30pm WILLY WONKA GETS SICK A 3 hour workshop for 5-7 year olds. It’s Easter and Willy Wonka has been asked by the King of the Castle to produce a huge chocolate feast in his famous chocolate factory. But poor Willy Wonka isn’t feel very well. He’s woken up with a head cold and can’t remember any of his delicious recipes! Will you help him create the biggest and most chocolatey feast the world has ever seen? £15.00 discounts for siblings available Visit http://www.pyjamadrama.com or for more info contact Gemma Windle 01142995227
  2. Check out my ad for a drama and creative play leader. (Mainly Tuesday-Wednesday in S8-S18, must drive) http://www.gumtree.com/p/jobs/drama-and-creative-play-session-leader/1129189412
  3. My child is not quite 3. A little young to have his own I think really. However we bought the ipad so he could watch Thomas on the aeroplane when we went away and now we have i pad Fridays. We try to limit it as a treat other wise i think he would quite happily watch it all day every day. He loves watching alphabet songs and number songs etc which are great and I try to balance this with lots of imaginary play!
  4. Next week there will be an extra Pyjama Drama session for babies from 6months upto two years. The class is on Tuesday 11th August and starts at 11:25am at Meersbrook United Reformed church, Chesterfield Rd (opposite the Next clearance store) The theme is "The Gruffalo goes to the Dentist" and the cost is £5. "How do you do Drama with babies I hear you say?" Its all about Boosting development through play read more here: http://www.pyjamadrama.com/drama/drama-for-babies Email gemma@pyjamadrama.com to book your place! (I also have a few places available at 9:45am for 2-5s)
  5. Its the day of term today and our holiday fun starts off with shiver straight away as tomorrow we have two amazing Frozen inspired classes taking children on an icy adventure! Both for the Sheffield Children's University and completely FREE! If you can't make it tomorrow don't miss us at the Central library on the 1st August! 2-5yrs 10:30am 5-7yrs 11:30am Text 07787111053 to book. With your child's name, age and session. You can read the Children's Univiersities full list of free activities throughout the summer on their blog below: http://www.sheffieldcu.blogspot.com and for a full list of Pyjama Drama fun this holiday visit http://www.pyjamadrama.com/holidayfun
  6. Pyjama Drama! http://www.pyjamadrama.com Classes are held on Tuesdays on Chesterfield Road, (opposite the NEXT clearance store)
  7. Pyjama Drama are running 2 free sessions at Woodseats Festival tomorrow and they are completely free! Bring your little one and let us teach them how to stay safe in the sun through a blend of music, movement and performance! Where? Woodseats Methodist church in the parlour. When and who for? 10:00am 2-5s 11:00am 5-7s Summer is here! The sun shining and we love being able to spend more time outside. However, no one likes nagging children to put their sun cream on or telling them to keep their sun hats on for the millionth time, but it is one of those things we probably find ourselves doing, both as parents and as carers of children. However, by ensuring children understand the risks of being in the sun and are able to make the conscious decision to protect themselves as best they can, we could be saving a few grownups from tearing their hair out! So join us with a "Slip, Slap, Slop" as we work together to look after the next door neighbour's baby and ensure she stays safe on a boiling hot day! Text your child's name and session you want to come to 07787111053
  8. Sessions for 6months - 5 years Our thirty minute*Dewdrops*class is for babies and young toddlers.*Raindrops*classes are for older toddlers more secure on their feet and who are just beginning to use their imaginations.*Rainbows*classes are for preschool children and are forty minutes, and*Sunbeams*children are five to seven years old with their class running for one hour. THE TIGER WHO INVITED ME TO TEA - Tuesday 28th July Raindrops and Rainbows 10:40am Dewdrops 11:25am Everyone knows what happened when the tiger came to tea – he ate all the food in the fridge, all the packets and the tins in the cupboards and all the water in the tap. But I bet you don’t know what happened when I visited the jungle and went for tea at the tigers house! Want to find out?
A reworking of the classic children’s story ‘The tiger who came to tea.’ WATER WINGS AND RUBBER RINGS (KEEPING SAFE IN THE WATER) Tuesday 4th August* Raindrops and Rainbows 10:40am Dewdrops 11:25am Dipping toes in rock pools and jumping crashing waves. Digging holes, building castles and eating ice cream - who doesn’t love the seaside? But when on holiday Sarah and Mikey went for a picnic on the beach, they were so excited they almost forgot the safety code - and that’s one thing you should never do. GRUFFALO GOES TO THE DENTIST - Tuesday 11th August Raindrops and Rainbows 10:40am Dewdrops 11:25am It’s hard being scary when you’ve got a poorly pain and the Gruffalo knows all about that – he’s woken up with the most terrible toothache! Will he ever be scary again?* GUESS HOW MUCH I LURVE YOU - 18th August Raindrops and Rainbows 10:40am Dewdrops 11:25am 
Once upon a time there was a little boy called Jack who couldn’t get to sleep without his little nut-brown bear. He loved little nut brown bear right up to the moon, and little nut-brown bear loved him too - right up to the moon, and back!
So when one day he loses nut-brown, it doesn’t look like Jack will get any sleep at all. But Jack will do anything and go anywhere (even to the moon!) to bring his little friend back!
A reworking of the classic children’s story ‘Guess how much I love you?’ THE ROAD TO TREASURE ISLAND - 25th August* Raindrops and Rainbows 10:40am Dewdrops 11:25am When best friends Sammy and Jo decide to follow the old map they found in the attic they can’t wait to find out where it will lead them! So pack your swimming costume, grab your sword and put on your patch – we’re all off to Treasure Island! MY FIRST DAY AT SCHOOL* 25th August Rainbows 9:45am It’s hard not to feel a little bit excited*and*a little bit nervous today on this, our first day at school! We’ve brushed our teeth, packed our bags, shined our shoes and are all ready to go – bring it on! A special session created especially to get ready for big school. A must if you have nervous or excited children heading off to primary school in September!* Sessions for 5-7 year old This summer we have two wonderful workshops for 5-7 year olds THE KING OF THE CASTLE Tuesday 4th August 1-4pm £15 The King of the castle hates to lose. If he loses a game of snap he sulks for days. If he can’t beat someone at ‘eye spy’ he won’t speak to them for months and you should have seen the tantrum he had when the Princess found him first in their game of hide and seek! So what will happen when the Queen challenges him to a race at the Royal sport’s day? Join us to find out! SID THE SHARK Tuesday 18th 1-4pm £15 Sid the shark’s hunting ground is cold and dark, and the creatures underneath the ocean shake and shiver when they see his shadow looming. But what is Sid really doing, so far away from home? Are his jagged teeth really as dangerous as they look and why does he always seem so sad? For more info or to book any of the above sessions please email which sessions you would like to book, your name, child/children’s name and age. You will then receive a link to arrange payment in advance. gemma@pyjamadrama.com
  9. Where will you find us this summer? The follow sessions are free to attend! Pop over to our website to view additional exciting sessions for, babies, toddlers, preschool and up to 7 year olds throughout the summer! Sunday 14th June* 11am-4pm Totfest The Moor, Sheffield Free taster sessions throughout the day Saturday 11th July * Woodseats festival, Woodseats Methodist Church,* 10:00- 10:40 Raindrops and Rainbows 11:00-12:00 Sunbeams Thursday 30th July* Greenhill Park-Activity Sheffield* 10:00-2:00pm Thursday 13th August Greenhill Park-Activity Sheffield* 10:00-2:00pm Saturday 18th July * Broomhill Library-Sheffield Children's University Festival of FUN 10:30 Rainbows 11:30 Sunbeams Saturday 1st August* Sheffield Central Library-Sheffield Children's University Festival of FUN 10:00 Rainbows 11:00 Sunbeams http://www.pyjamadrama.com gemma@pyjamadrama.com
  10. Sing, dance, pretend and play, where will our imagination take us today? Pyjama Drama is a unique blend of music, movement and performance! EASTER HOLS Tuesday 31st March 2015 Poor old Easter bunny has lost his bounce! He can’t stop falling asleep and if we can’t find a way to wake him up our Easter hunt won’t be very egg-citing! Toddlers 10:40am Preschool 9:45am £5 siblings £3 Wednesday 1st April 2015 Garden Invasion Workshop 5-7yrs The sun is shining, the paddling pool is out and the barbeque is sizzling. But we’re not the only ones who like a bite of a burger on a hot summer’s day – watch out everyone, it’s a garden invasion! 9:45-12:45 £15 per child (Bring a friend or book both workshops together pay £24) Tuesday 7th April 15 Aliens in the attic – a 3 hour holiday workshop for 5 – 7 year olds. 
 There are strange noises coming from the attic, someone has taken Dad’s pants from the washing line and there’s tiny little hand prints all over the windows. Whats going on?! Join our fun filled drama workshop to find out! Drama games, music & dancing and of course lots and lots of pretending! 9:45-12:45 £15 per child (Bring a friend or book both workshops together and pay £24) For more info and to book click here: https://www.ticketsource.co.uk/pyjamadramasheff
  11. Tuesday 17th Feb Meersbrook church (Opp the NEXT clearance store) S8 Penguins in Love (45 mins) Toddlers 10:40am preschool 9:45am Mr and Mrs Penguin are in love and are always clacking beaks and snuggling up in the snow to keep eachother warm. But one horrible day, in a terrible snowstorm, Mrs. Penguin gets lost! Can Mr. Penguin brave the snow bears, blizzards and sea-ice and find his one true love? 40mins Flip it, mix it, stick it! (1 hour ages 5-7) 1:30pm Jack loves cooking so much that he would rather whip up a chocolate moose than play football or go to the cinema with his best friends. But what will he do on Pancake day when his mixture sticks to the roof just has his guest are arriving????? http://www.ticketsource.co.uk/pyjamadramasheff There will also be two free sessions for 5-7 year olds as part of the children universities February Freebie! Friday 20th Feb 10:00am Firth park library - Caterpillar soup 2:00pm Tinsley Library - The Dancing Dragon gemma@pyjamadrama.com 07787111053
  12. Hi Kamilla, I'm Gemma from Pyjama Drama. If your daughter loves to use her imagination you could consider a Pyjama Drama party. We have a Frozen theme and I could certainly bring Minnie mouse into the Drama to make it even more unique! Our parties are especially for 2-5 year olds and you can find out more here: http://www.pyjamadrama.com/parties (We also do parties for 1 year and 5-7 years) I hope you find the thing that is right for you. best wishes, Gemma gemma@pyjamadrama.com
  13. Sing, Dance, Pretend, Play where will our imagination take us today? Booking now for January... A unique programme of classes and parties from six months to seven years, age differentiated classes which support each developmental stage, encouraging, confidence, co-operation, concentration and creativity. Every week is a new adventure! Our current public classes running in Sheffield are for toddlers and preschool and are held in Meersbrook church, Chesterfield Road (opposite the Next clearance store) on Tuesdays mornings. Come along for a 3 week trial and see how Pyjama Drama can boost your child's development! We visit schools and nurseries too! http://www.pyjamadrama.com Contact Gemma 01142995227 gemma@pyjamadrama.com, http://www.facebook.com/pyjamadramasheffield
  14. Contact Aughton early years children's centre, they will know the latest! There are a few parents from Aston who visit a toddler group I take my son to in Handsworth on Thursday mornings if you drive? Its is a Sheffield Dragons academy £2.50 massive play area (soft floor) music class, snack and cup of tea
  15. Pyjama Drama will be at the NCT Cheeky Monkeys tea party in Hillsborough park from 11am this Friday!! Bring your little one along to meet lots of other cheeky monkeys and have a taste of the action and perhaps you'll decide to join us for our September term with our theme "All About Me" where we will be learning all about ourselves, our bodies our favourite things all through a special blend of Music, Movement and Performance! You can find out more about the Tea party and NCT Sheffield and Rotherham here.... https://www.facebook.com/pages/NCT-Sheffield-and-Rotherham/182439472263 For more info about Pyjama Drama contact Gemma gemma@pyjamadrama.com
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