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  1. Obviously we all know there is a great need for a good reliable public transport service with all the relevant infrastructure, unfortunately we don't have a good reliable public transport service and a possible answer for this is the fact that albeit being a SCC partnership the bus company have SHAREHOLDERS that need to see their profit margins increase year on year and of course one way of increasing profit is to get rid of the part of the PUBLIC SERVICE that makes a loss, you know, the routes that don't go through the city but move around the localities. What other business gets untold millions of pounds thrown at it so that the shareholders can benefit even more. Britain's five big bus companies have given their shareholders £181million a year in dividends while services have been slashed and fares doubled, as was revealed by the Daily Mirror 6th march 2017. If we are going to keep throwing millions of pounds of public money year in year out into this bottomless pit known as public transport, let us at least make the bus operators accountable, get the old smoke belching machines of the road, make riding on buses safe again, and I don't mean just for the driver. If we as a country can de-regulate and Privatise the buses then surely what can be done can be undone if required.
  2. i remember medios very well, was fairly high end for woodseats back then, it became a chinese reastaurant later on, i also remember going to the nameless restaurant which i am almost sure was on the topend of cambridge street opposite coles.
  3. My point exactly. There is a bus stop and even when there's a bus on it cars always manage to get through at the same time. Its only when you approach the Pelican Crossing past the bus stop that problems arise. If drivers were a little bit nicer to one another we would all be able to filter in and all get home in roughly the same time. As for the new cycle lane its a joke. It also has a broken line which when I went to school meant you could cross it with no penalty.
  4. If the inside lane at the Woodseats Road Junction is left turn only why do buses in that lane go straight on Abbeydale Road. If the road can take a bus and a car at the same time in the out of town direction immediately after passing Woodseats Road Whats the problem, other than arsey drivers in the outside thinking they have the right of way, exactly like Heeley Bridge bus lane that never gets used in the daytime, Probably the same arsey drivers who get miffed when I go past them down the bus lane. Point to note is that approaching the bridge the road marking is a bent arrow telling the outside laners to get into the inside lane and get a life if they want to go over the bridge. Nutters!!!
  5. Ian had 2 older brothers George, and Paul the eldest and you're right there never was any intention of taking the bend, it was always going to be a spectacular crash and by heck it was.
  6. The lad in question was Ian Richardson (Flitch to his mates ). He was in form 4.3 and I think he was disqualified for having four class mates push him to get started instead of the official 1. Was the best crash of the day and scared Mr Pye ( who I believe got it all on camera ) to death thinking that Richardson had managed to kill himself, but when the crowd parted there was Ian with a beaming grin on his face crawling up from the wreckage left on the rugby pitch. Smashing Event
  7. hermitage London road I was 15 , my mate was 15 and worked behind the bar:o
  8. Nearer to the nail makers end of black stock road I presume?
  9. i was thinking it was possibly as late as 1999, not quite sure now.
  10. remember it very well, and also used to go in when it was faces in the 1970s:love:
  11. a burnt out one has been recovered from buck woods this morning:(
  12. It was 6.30 on a cold January morning, no-one was aware at 21 Bradbury Street that a gas main had fractured with the cold and that gas had been seeping for some hours into the cellar at number 21. Like most families with cellar grates, the Richardson's cellar grate had been covered to stop heat escaping and the cold getting in, this would prove to be disasterous. At 6.35 the head of the family George Richardson was woken by his youngest son, Ian, who had woke and had smelled gas. As George went downstairs in this small two up two down property to investigate, a silent morning turned into what can only be described as hell. Clear air turned into a red glowing thick black choking soot riddled soup as a hundred years of roof muck and dust cascaded down onto the family of George, his wife Esther, their sons George William and Their youngest lad, Ian. Ceilings collapsed, slates and rafters fell onto the beds and a fiery glow took over as flames from below started to engulf what was left of the sitting room. George William was flung from his bed along with brother Ian, luckily landing on part of the bedroom floor that had not collapsed as they were immediately above the sitting room which was in turn above the cellar. George William quickly took control of the situation, guiding his younger brother Ian, and his injured mother (from the adjacent bedroom) to the safety of the rear yard and away from the flames. It seems a lifetime ago that this occurred but I can still see my father who's hair was burnt from his head hugging my mother. When my father had gone downstairs his first thought had been to open the back door, he then opened the living room door from the kitchen, the disaster occurred when he opened the cellar door. In his own words at the time he explained that he had opened the cellar door about three inches when the concentrated gas in the cellar, unable to get out of the covered grate, exploded in a blinding flash. His life was saved by the cellar door and the dining room door inwardly blowing off at the same time injuring my father but saving his life by enabling the fire to spiral around him. To put the record straight, and that is why I've wrote this, my father never attempted to search for a gas leak with a lighted match, the fire officer who attended the aftermath concluded that the ignition of the gas was by contact to a pilot light from an ascot water heater situated in the kitchen. Although not seriously injured my father went deaf shortly afterwards , attributed to the air compression but never proven.
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