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  1. It was me that was involved in the accident. Supertramp explained perfectly what happened. I drive this way to work every day and see this happen all the time but on this occasion wasn't prepared for the other car to hit me due to paying attention to the school children crossing the road. It was reported to the police straightaway who said they were going to check the cctv and send me a letter if they could trace who the driver was. For now I'm stuck without a car because I can't afford to pay to get the damage repaired and my insurance has a £600 excess to pay so I'm stuck in limbo hoping that the police can find out who it was. I just want everyone to be aware that is driving down that road that what Supertramp said is completely right, I have seen it so many times. I have no idea why people think that the right hand lane is to turn left though, it is fairly obvious that the lane is for straight on only.
  2. I think the best way to go would be 2 fixed speed cameras, one at either end. Iv lived in this area most of my life and too many people have had accidents in the same place. I dont understand why some people find it so difficult that they will have to set off to work 5 minutes earlier, its ridiculous! If the only way that you can get to work on time is by speeding, get up earlier! Iv got a fiat 500, so living on a road with about 30 speed bumps annoys me because all I can do is crawl over them (I aint paying out for new springs every week) but it doesnt half annoy me when im trying to save my poor old suspension and iv got some tw*t overtake me, sounding his horn and driving me off the road at 7am. Fair enough, on a major road, but im talking beighton road, normanton hill and stradbroke road, especially when kids are on the way to school! Id like to go with the obvious and say its boy racers in corsas but it isnt, its 'business men' driving audis, bmws and vauxhall insignias. Fools! Btw before everyone attacks me for being 'past it' and 'having nothing better to do than moan' im 27 and work full time.
  3. Yes, stradbroke road, top end. I have noticed a house empty for the last couple of days that normally has a good amount of people gathered outside so im hoping that might be it now. Fingers crossed!
  4. Seen a lot of police around for the last couple of weeks, just wondered if anyone knew what was going on? Its normally pretty quiet. Also seen a crime investigation van outside city school tonight. Have been seeing a few lads on bikes that we dont normally see, could it be something to do with them?
  5. I know this is an oldish thread so probably not relevant now but thought id post for anyone looking in future. I used to rent an apartment in middlewood lodge. In summertime it was fabulous, absolutely loved the peace and tranquility. But, in winter I wasnt as keen, at the time, me and my partner shared a car, so I would often come home from work a bit late, obviously in winter, it is pretty dark for 7pm. I used to get the tram home and walk home alone. I must say as a young female on her own there was occasions when I just didnt feel safe. On one occasion I had a gang of young lads generally being quite threatening and trying to grab at me as I was walking past the play area and it scared me to death, if anything was to happen no one would hear you scream. I think if you drive a car then its lovely but if not I would think twice, walking up there in the dark is not nice when theres noone around.
  6. Took my dog to springfield vets at richmond yesterday and decided im not going back. The vet kept us waiting nearly an hour with no apology and ended up coming home in tears.my dog is a fairly large breed and it was clear he is not a big dog person. The minute we walked in the room my dog cowered away, scared of him and thats totally not like him. He usually loves going there! The man was very abrupt with me and I felt as though he was making me out to be a dangerous dog owner, he made out that my dog had snapped at him when he did no such thing, he was just trying to get under the table and moved his head to get out of the way. I was thrown a muzzle and told he needed to go to a behaviourist to sort him out. I couldnt believe how rude he was! My dog wouldnt hurt a fly and was perfectly behaved in the waiting room even after being sat there for an hour.I have always been so happy taking him there, the reception staff and nurses have always been fantastic and there used to be a female vet that was brilliant. Iv cancelled my membership with them so need to find somewhere else, these posts seem quite old so I was wondering peoples latest thoughts. I would prefer somewhere with a female vet if possible as I think this might have put my dog off a bit. Thankyou for any help
  7. Well, theyv been hooked up to the grid finally, shame theres still a huge hole in front of our house :-( its going to be an interesting night spent gazing at the curtains waiting for a plume of smoke and little green men to come walking in through the window. Least well be saving a bit of money on our electric bill now we dont need the lights on haha does anyone know if they are going to stay this bright or is there still some sort of shield to be put on??
  8. Wow! Other than the obvious upset about the complete lack of organisation this event has had (or communication of what the hell is going on) we have 74 pages of people arguing the toss. This is one of the best sporting events to come anywhere near us as a region and all we can do is argue, even if you dont follow the sport surely it is easy to see that this is big and fantastic for yorkshire! Come on everyone, if this was a football match people would have had flags up for 6 months, but for this....nothing. im not a huge fan of cycling but I can see how great this is for sheffield, its just a shame so many are using this as an excuse for a rant. Blame the organisers for not knowing how this is going to work and which roads will be shut and when, its not the fault of the cyclists participating. Lets just keep our fingers crossed this doesnt turn out like the sheffield marathon #someonecheckthewaterdelivery
  9. Like I said, all well and good if you dont need to go anywhere, but according to the letter the whole area is to be done in this time but it doesnt specify which road and when. There literally is nowhere local to park. My boyfriend has to leave his car on the road and bus into town for 7am and I drive to work just after which means if they decide to bother turning up we wont know it needs to be shifted until its been towed
  10. Oh great! Whos betting that the day we chance it and leave the car there it gets towed? Its not a big deal if youre at home all day but we leave for work early doors and parking charges in town for 2 weeks on the off chance is ridiculous...
  11. http://www.poshpawzsheffield.co.uk Try these
  12. So, had a letter last week saying road resurfacing is starting from 9th june. Fair enough! Just got home this evening to a sign on the lamp post saying its from 29th may 7am until 7pm. Thats tomorrow! No parking, waiting or loading or vehicles will be towed. Thats great warning for anyone arriving home in the dark this evening that wont see the sign. Even better for those that have taken their kids on holiday for a few days to come home and be greeted by no car parked outside their house. Well done again Amey! Couldnt organise a shindig in a brewery
  13. Im just wondering if anyone can give me a bit of advice. For the past 2 months or so we have had really low hot water pressure to all taps but cold seems to be normal. Our boiler is quite old but had a service last year and was deemed in good working order. The boiler itself doesnt seem to have a visible pressure gauge. It is an old tank system with cold tank in the loft and copper tank on the 1st floor. Could anyone help with what the problem may be? Thankyou in advance for any replies
  14. Dental nursing. Patients and dentists speak to you like something they have trodden in. You get rubbish wages for cleaning up peoples spit off the floor (and myself). I have had to phone the police on a few occasions because i was scared to leave the building at night and we have to pay £120 registration a year for the privilege of going to work to be spoke to like manure. We spend all day running about and never get a full hour lunch break. I have worked in this business for over ten years and everywhere is equally terrible. working from 8-7 is the norm and if you unfortunately need the toilet you will have to wait until your lunch 'hour' . It would be fantastic if a patient actually acknowledged we were in the room half of the time, the dentist is always 'mr fantastic' but we have had to go through training ourselves and get no credit. sorry...but next time you go to the dentist try and think of the poor girl stood in the corner probably terrified of getting a telling off when you leave the room. its amazing what gets thrown at us when patients aren't around.
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