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  1. John Walter Fantom traded from Queens Garage on Queens Road but also operated from Duke Street at one time. His company was taken over by Sheffield United Tours on 10th May 1963. John was employed by SUT as a courier from then on.
  2. The second photo, WJ 9962 is of a Leyland LT5A with Craven 32 seat coachwork, new to Arthur Kitson in May 1934. It was taken into stock by SUT when that company was formed in 1935. The photo is taken on Castlegate facing towards Lady's Bridge with the Exchange Brewery/Lady's Bridge pub on the corner. I think the photo must have been taken around 1937/38.
  3. Abbey Lane Motor Services was established in December 1930. They took over Brooks & Senior and later S.B.Hogg who held licenses for Llandudno and Gt.Yarmouth. SUT took over Abbey Lane on 20th May 1953 mainly so they could acquire these lucrative licenses.
  4. Sheffield United Tours Limited was established in March 1935. In January 1969 it became a constituent of the National Bus Company and in January 1974 was renamed National Travel (North East) Limited. It became part of the Central Activities Group of the National Bus Company in April 1972. A National Holidays division was established to undertake the holidays and tours side of coaching, but through privatisation was taken over by the Pleasurama Group (owners of Shearings) on 14th July 1986 for the sum of £2.5 million. What was left of the Sheffield operation was later acquired by Mr Tony Lavin (ATL Ltd) who also owned Excelsior of Dinnington, the Carlton PSV Dealership and Yelloway of Rochdale. This takeover was effected on 29th January 1987 for the sum of £600,000. Initially the company was renamed NTL Coaches Ltd but eventually renamed SUT Ltd (this was Sheffield United TRANSPORT). By July 1989 ATL had themselves been taken over by National Express. Busman was correct when saying that the original Sheffield United Tours name was in later years owned by Wallace Arnold. I know it's confusing but Sheffield United Tours and Sheffield United Transport were not the same company even though the latter company also operated from the same Charlotte Road garage.
  5. During the late 70's early 80's in addition to services to the west country, Littlewoods also offered all inclusive tours to Scotland of 7 days duration. Largs for £85, Oban for £110 and Inverness for £125. The coach "Scottish Queen" was used for some of these which was EWE 759V, a Volvo with Caetano Alpha body new in 1980.
  6. Littlewood had around five coaches at any one time and replaced these after around three to four years. Names included Countess of Torquay, Queen of Torquay, Baroness of Torquay, Queen of Weymouth, Queen of Newquay, Torbay Princess and Scottish Queen. These names appeared on replacement coaches when the older coaches were sold. The livery was burgundy and silver grey. The company was taken over in the mid eighties by Skills of Nottingham.
  7. There's been a few requests for coach names here, so I will start with the Elizabethan class. No231- Drake, No232- Raleigh, No233- Hawkins, No234- Frobisher, No235- Grenville, No236- Shakespear, No237- Bacon, No238- Marlowe, No239- Gresham, No240 - Leicester, No241- John Norris, No242- Essex, No243- Knollys, No244- Cecil, No245- Burghley, No 246- Spencer, No247- Walsingham, No248- Sidney, No249- Hatton, No250- Effingham, No251- Seymore. No252- Gilbert. When I get chance, I will post the "Gay" class, "Continental" class and "Panorama" class names if anyone is interested. hope this is of some interest.
  8. Yes its the Lyceum Hotel and the proprietor was Jack Stones who was a driver for Sheffield United Tours which had a small garage and office next door at No21 Pond Hill. This garage was originally occupied by Arthur Kitson, coach company from 1921. A newer office was built for SUT on the new Pond Street bus station in the mid 1950s and that at No21 was demolished around 1960/61.
  9. The original Beauchief Garage was situated on Abbeydale Road itself,next to which was the Post Office on the corner with Abbey Lane. The garage also boasted a car hire business and Funeral service both of which ere housed in buildings reached via a driveway just behind the Post office on Abbey Lane itself. On the opposite side of Abbey Lane just behind the Beauchief Hotel was the depot for a coaching business owned by the garage by a man called George Gill. This was called Abbey Lane Motor Services (Beauchief Coaches) and was established in December 1930. This enterprise was taken over by Sheffield United Tours on 20th May, 1953. I believe the Post office was closed on this corner in the sixties and flattened to make way for a new Filling station. This itself was then demolished around 2001/2 to make way for the present flats complex.
  10. Hodgson camera shop later became the booking office of Sheffield United Tours.
  11. Furness of Thomson Hill,High Green (cream/maroon). John Oates Andrew, St Philips Road.Cecil G Littlewood, Burngreave Road. Brightside & Carbrook Coaches,Old Hall Road (Maroon).Bradway Coaches(JH Sims), Shalesmoor (blue/cream).EH Sims, Queens Road(metallic blue/silver). TE Briscoe, Wellcar Road (maroon/cream). Barkers, West Street, Eckington. Crosspool Coaches ,Tapton Bank. Crosslands, Whitehouse Lane. Dowker Ideal), Ivy House Farm, Sheffield. Eagle Coachways, Bradfield Road. JW Fantom ,Duke Street(red/cream). Greyjhound Luxury Coaches, Surbiton Street (metallic blue). Gladys HIBBERD, City Road, (primrose/blue). E Jeffcock,Balaclava Road(red/green). Otter & Priestley, Stannington Road. Park Garage(Earls), Swallownest, (deep cream/maroon). Talbot transport, Montfort Road. Revill Sons & Broadbent, Manchester Road, Deepcar. Thorpes, Thurgoland. Alfs Tours (Utting), Bramley Park Road. Hope this is of some help.
  12. Definitely C.G.Littlewoods of Burngreave Road whose offices where at 101/103 Spital Hill, Sheffield 4. SUT did a joint service with Littlewoods to Newquay and has been said, Littlewoods livery was Plum and Silver. They got taken over by Skills coaches of Nottingham in the 80's.
  13. Yes, as I said the Neepsend bodied Atlantean's had red wheels and red/beige seats. 340 was also unusual in that it was the only Atlantean in the fleet to carry an Atlantean badge on the front, situated on the blue band above the windscreen. Sorry I no longer have any photos of these but I did until a few years ago.
  14. The first vehicle with blue wheel hubs was Atlantean/Park Royal No340 which was exhibited at the Earls Court Motor Show in 1963/4. This was also the first in the fleet to have blue moquette seats on both decks. The rest of the vehicles delivered in1964/5 which were Atlantean/Neepsends and Fleetline/Park Royals had normal red wheel hubs and red/beige seats downstairs and red leather upstairs. All the Atlantean/Park Royals and Atlantean/Neepsends together with the "cabbage wagon" Bedford/Craven No1delivered in 1966 had blue wheel hubs and with the exception of No1 had rear wheel trims. The top deck seats were blue leather whilst those on the bottom deck were moquette. Atlantean/Park Royal No192(I think), the one displyed at Earls Court in 1968 had red/cream front wheel hubs whilst the rear ones were red.
  15. My first suit was bought from John Temple's down Attercliffe,complete with waistcoat and cost about £19 in 1962.
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