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  1. What car boots are going on tomorrow? Is it Tesco’s and Boshaw only? Also, which of these are bigger? Thanks.
  2. Thanks Love2Print. I'll check that out. For anyone else look on for a Thursady group, I've found one in Broomhill Methodist Church from 1pm-3pm for toddlers. I'll report back once I've been.
  3. I am a dad of a 3 year old and a 1 year old and I've recently reduced my work pattern to 4 days a week. I'm looking forward to spending Thursdays with the kids. I'm looking for a baby/toddler group for Thursdays - preferably one with dome other dads there too. Does anyone know any?
  4. Can anyone recommend someone for a big job? I want to knock through the kitchen/dining room, fit a new kitchen and get new floorboards down. I'm hoping to get one company/ person to manage the whole job. Any recommendations would be gratefully accepted! Also, if anyone has had any bad experiences, please PM me.
  5. Hi 3dluis. I am no longer looking for a squash opponent at that time. I gave Jack a game and have found a few other crazy friends looking for a game at that sort of time. I'm sure other folk on here may be interested.
  6. Hi Jack, That sounds great. I am also free next Wednesday. What time would be your preference? They have times of either 7.20am or 8am. Personally, I would prefer 8am, but am flexible. I know the price is £2.50 if I pay as I am a USport member. Do you also have a USport card? Steve
  7. Hi Jack. Sorry for the delay in replying. I am free on Wednesday mornings. Would you be interested in a game? What sort of standard are you (always a difficult question to answer!)? Frainy - my evenings are all taken up with looking after a pair of wee 'uns I'm afraid.
  8. I am quite a strong squash player and would like to find a partner to play at Goodwin sports Centre. The catch is, I want to play early in the morning at either 7.20am or 8am! I have family commitments in the evening, and am only free to play at these times. The cost is only £2.50 for the court at this time, and it would be a great way to start the day I think. Let me know if you are interested!
  9. So Bakewell showground is def on tomorrow? Can anyone tell me about it? How many stalls is it? And is it undercovcer? Many thanks!
  10. Does anyone know if there are ANY sites this Sunday (14/10)? Or have I missed the last ones?
  11. I am a carboot newbie. I'd like a bit of advice about where to go. I would like to go this Sunday, 14th October, live in S7 (Sharrow) but can drive. Needs: - want to but some old fashioned teacups for a friend's themed wedding among other things - a place where I can get a cup of coffee! Which might be good ones to go to?
  12. It is great that the Forum Club has entered teams in the local badminton leagues this year. Good luck to you all during the season!
  13. Sounds good. Is it ok for beginners to come down?
  14. Hi all. There is a new badminton singles league in Sheffield. This is for men and women of all standards and is free! If you want to join a free online ladder where you can challenge those above you to a game, click on - http://sports-ladder.net/Badminon-sheffield/index.php It present we have 10 people in the ladder, but numbers will grow I am sure. The system is self organising in that once a person challenges you, an email is sent and you can work out a time and place that is suitable to you both. I hope to see some of the Forum's Badminton Club on there. Best wishes, Steve
  15. Hi 1010, The tennis club has tennis (indoor and out), squash courts and a good gym...but no badminton courts. For a list of all the badminton clubs playing in the local leagues, check out: http://www.sheffbad.co.uk/
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