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  1. Hi, somebody who lives a street away lives on benifits (We have our suspicion's) they can afford holidays to america every year, The family is a single mum with 1 child What i have been told they live across from thier parents (The childs grand-parents), The mother does not work, neither does her sister who lives with her parents. Surely the grand parents can't be THAT rich to pay mortages/bills for 3 houses on the SAME street, if they did why live in sheffield. From what my friend told me they went to disney land in florida, the childs grandmother apparwntly has a bad back and is pushed around in a wheel chair ON HOLIDAY, but in england she can walk fine with no visual pain what so ever. Are they living off benifits at the tax payers expense? WHat are your thoughts? Surely the lads mother could have a part time job, but she doesnt, the child is at least over 16 so he is capable of looking after himself if the mother is not around Thank you for reading my rant, i dont like benifit scroungers at all (As you may have noticed) Regards Ste345
  2. Heyy there, i am interested in buying the Iphone 4 The only problem is should i get it on contract or on Pay As You Go? Also they are quite expensive so im wondering should i bother getting the iphone 4 and get the iphone 3gs or something? The assistants at apple do a convincing act to buy it but that's their jobs isnt it, so i'd like a second opinion from somebody who may have an Iphone 4, if you do would you enlighted me the pro's and cons of an iphone 4, and overall is it worth buying?
  3. I was driving like 20 mph so i doubt i would have gone some damage to them if i did hit them
  4. It was on dryden Ave To be honest it wasn't as bad as i put it, it was really scary at the time though
  5. I was driving through parson cross when a gang of lads smashed my windscreen with a brick, as i reversed to escape from them i got bottles threw at my car What can i do, i phoned police and they said they will send an officer as soon as possible, i cant drive to work as my car is damaged and public transport is expensive
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