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  1. I would like a tattoo removed. Any recommendations from anyone please?
  2. Worrall baby & toddler group on a wed morning (term.time) 10-11.30am. Friendly group with a craft activity, lots of toys & a substantial snack for kids (crackers with cream cheese, lots of fruit & raisins).
  3. My son attends Middlewood Nature Nursery & loves it. We were disillusioned by mainstream nurseries & pre schools with the structured way they were operated. My son now enjoys the freedom to run, play, explore & most importantly be outside as all kids should :-)
  4. Put a note on freecycle, freegle & gumtree?
  5. Wisewood sports centre runs classes, think on a Monday.
  6. I have an abundance of cauliflower plants to swap. Anyone got some plants to swap?
  7. I've just built some raised beds out of untreated scaffolding planks and wondered if I should treat them with wood preserver? The advice is very mixed!
  8. Well done for thinking about cycling part of your journey to work, Sheffield would be a much nicer place if more people would & could do that. As for parking you'll be fine to park on residential streets by middlewood. Hillsborough is only permitted on the streets closest to shops. I think you'd have to sit in too much traffic if you were to park in Walkley. Good luck with cycling, I commuted everyday by bike before I went on maternity & loved it. Nothing like whizzing past everyone sat in their metal boxes on pennistone road :-)
  9. Errrr, no, its British Sign Language!
  10. Anyone out there offering private tuition in BSL? I've passed my level 2 but struggling to get any further as had no luck with volunteering opportunities plus I'm nervous about my ability to sign!! Thanks
  11. This sounds like a great project, will be coming along with my little boy. Is there a difference in how you run veg patch kids to toddler time? Just wondering which would better for a 2.5 yr old?
  12. Can I ask which schools your kids go to? Was it oughtibridge you applied to? Worrying that we might not get in either when the time comes. A friends son goes to (I think) scouts at the church hall in wisewood & another friends kids (boy & girl) play in local football teams in Loxley. Ill ask what else they do. Good luck!
  13. I think wisewood sports centre have things on. Im also in worrall but my little boy is not at school yet. Or if your boys are into dancing Dance Dynamic run classes at the village hall in worrall.
  14. I have 2 x Christmas puddings I could bring? Happy to donate some veg as well. Can bring on Thursday.
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