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  1. anyone know where the cheapest red diesel in in sheffield at the moment?
  2. As a therapist myself, I would recommend my Acupressure Facial. This is similar to reflexology and used to stimulate reflex points on your face which will help to improve skin tone, muscles, removes toxins and is extremely relaxing. Read some of my feedback at http://www.karmaromatherapy.co.uk
  3. I am sure there are plenty of people in this forum who could do them for you x
  4. I am a Flirties trained Eyelash Technician and can do them after work at my home, or at the salon during the day. PM me if you want further details...
  5. Hi, did you get your Reflexologist you were looking for?
  6. I can recommend an Acupressure Facial for total relaxation before the wedding. Try KarmAroma Therapy in Woodseats, you can find them on the Internet
  7. A relaxing massage will do the trick or revitalising reflexology try the Special Offers for February at KarmAroma Therapy at Woodseats where I can guarantee she will thank you for it
  8. I have also put a message out asking for potential 'drummers' to get in touch
  9. Hi, just wondered if you still meet up once amonth. We are thinking of setting up a Drumming group and are looking for interest?
  10. Just trying to get some more drummers recruited, then will let you know more details... any preference for which night?
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