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  1. Two twenty two gallons of Carling were stolen from the Peak District this morning at 6am we know what vehicle it was and the police are involved, if any pubs in Sheffield get offered any carling barrels other than there normal supplier today then please do not accept them as they are stolen they are also traceable, if you do know anything at all or have had a similar experience I would be grateful if you could PM me! It's hard enough already with ought people doing things like that!!! Thanks
  2. Seems to me that two people on here have an issue with the Dev cat! Get a grip concern yourself with your own pub or your own establishments and no I do not work there but this thread has made me cross ever since it started! Sheffield has too many student bars, too many same real ale pubs I personally wish there was a lovely wine bar that people who don't like bad mouthing each other were most welcome! It would be a great place no students, no idiots and it would be full of people that like nice things and have that little bit of disposable income that a certain percentage of Sheffield have and have absolutely nowhere to go! Now I'm sure certain people will try to outwit my words go for it! Name me one place in Sheffield that is absolutely amazing!
  3. my brother has a pub the Miners Arms EYam in the Peak District, last night some thieving scrotes saw fit to steal his beer, if you have been approached by people trying to sell them please don,t buy it and inform the police the barrels are security tagged and are traceable any help would be gratefully received!
  4. Sheffield used to be full of nightclubs, decent fun bars, nice wine bars, nice pubs ok a bit rough round the edges but friendly!you know something for everyone, now it seems everywhere is quite student orientated or a scruffy! Does,t seem to be a place for over 30,s to go that's cool anymore? I don,t know what changed that's why I asked the question!
  5. Recently Sheffield nightlife, bars have become a bit the same, boring, tacky Chesterfield appears to be doing better with wine bars, late night club/bars how can a town such as chesterfield have in my view the upper hand to a city! Sheffield used to be brill what happened!!!! Have people stopped trying or is Sheffield just for students?
  6. About time Sheffield had something huge happening, might buy myself a ticket then
  7. Not really heard much about this although there saying it,s going to be huuuuge! Anybody know any more?
  8. I think you are very much permitted to share your thoughts on here! I suspect Kirkbyb has some form of issue with the Dev Cat! And probably should talk to the pub directly about there grievances! That would be a polite thing to do hmmm?
  9. Kirkbyb is right actually! It,s where the funds may have come from that makes me feel a little uncomfortable not the product, not the brewery jusT three pubs in a month it,s a bit weird timescale wise right?
  10. I was not referring too the quality of the beer! it,s very good, just questioning the morality that's all!
  11. Hmmmmmm, Another Thronbridge pub, yaaaaawn!!!!They must have made millions lol! Three establishments in a month how? Shhh Quick get rid of the a4e gains before anybody notices! Although the beauchief is brewkitchen is it not? Same director though! Forgive me for being über suspicious just seems a bit odd that's all
  12. So derby tup recommends a restaurant and charlou goes on about carbon footprint not sure what the point of that was! really maybe you upset charlou in the past!
  13. I think it is fair to say that an unclean front of house normally leads to a very very unclean back of house, hence although encouragment to try this place for myself and ignore trip advisor because there very bad horrible people that want to do some form of injustice to a local business it just does't go like that, people hardly ever compliment when it's good people always compliment when it's bad always!! Still not tried it not sure i ever will!
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