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  1. As anything happen with this because we tried to look at it four years ago with Crapper and they wouldn't allows to look at the weekend? Anyway we had a look around but were put off by the lack of vehicular access and the rudeness of the EA.
  2. I don't know if it was Belgique or French but the bar we went to was full of Francos and French speaking West African students. I think it had either something solar or lunar in its name - it was near the University of Wuhan. ---------- Post added 28-11-2013 at 23:33 ---------- Found it on Google - Blue Sky Cafe!
  3. I had a great hotpot in Zhuzhou and actually dated a French girl in Wuhan when I was in China. Do you know of any authentic Chinese restaurants in Sheffield?
  4. GCSE Maths and English Lang are free to anyone that doesn't already have grade C. It is part of the ongoing campaign to equip everyone with the minimum standards required by most employers. Once you get the C then sorry but you have to pay again unless you forget to mention it when you enroll again. Do you want to be a teacher with you wanting to undertake GCSE Science?
  5. How early to you have to get to the Park and Ride at Meadowhall or Centertainment on a weekday to get spot?
  6. You don't mean Grange Lane by any chance? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grange_Lane_railway_station_(Sheffield)
  7. Has anyone applied for one with a conversion certificate?
  8. What a top guy Bikertec is. The roads in that area (and the all of Sheffield) worry me because you can easily get stuck in a rut and come off. My OH rides on Barnsley Road everyday on her scoot and I do get worried about her.
  9. Try the Journalism department at Sheffield University because they have quite a few Norwegian students and alumni. I used to live with a Norwegian when at uni.
  10. Looking for somewhere to go for lunch on Friday in that area and was wondering if the Lebanese restaurant on the end of Carlisle Street is still open, if so do they do lunch and is it any good?
  11. Which building were they looking at, RBS or the blue Paradigm building?
  12. I recognised the date They must have had a huge consignment of them. Have they been reduced down from 2.99 now they are out-of-date?
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