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  1. Did you know Vera Davies, moved to Manchester in about 1951/2
  2. mine was green prewar 1939 sold it in 1957 for £100 to get married
  3. in 1940 George Mack became headmaster & new houses were formed in cluding Spartan house which I was in. He also changed the school cap a navy one with a badge to a cap of two halves, one green & the other navy. I still have my moth eaten one which we had to wear into school & going home afterwards. I wonder how many of us are left from the 1947 intake?
  4. Yes, I remember Miss Auckland I was there from 1939 to 1946. I have no photos would be interested to see one & if I am on it.
  5. I was there from 1939 to 1946 before passing the scholarship & going to High Storrs. Remember Miss Davis, Mrs Bullers, Mr Sergeant & many of the teachers including Miss Auckland Miss Brooks etc.
  6. Lived behind Edy butchers Abbey Lane terminus in 1950's Roy, Marion, Vera, Ron & Jocelyn Davis. Believe moved to Manchester area in mid 1950's.
  7. I went to High Storrs 1947 to 1951. Remember Adams, Maths, Baker & Shaw, French, Monty, PE & others. Anyone left from that era?
  8. No, Margaret Harris was a friend from St Chads Youth club. She had a sister called Janet & her Father Ernest was a collegue of mine for many years at Tyzack Sons & Turner, where we were both Sales Representatives. I lived on strelley Road & was a member of the Steel City Stompers. ---------- Post added 03-05-2016 at 08:51 ---------- No, Margaret was a friend at St Chads Youth Club. She had a sister called Janet & her Father Ernest was a sales Rep. for many years, as I was, with Tyzack Sons & Turner. I lived on Strelley Road & was a meber of the Steel City Stompers Jazz Band in the fifties.
  9. I was one of the original members of Steel City Stompers on drum, Sam (Tony) Wright (now deceased)was a neighbour & he was the leader when we started at St Chads youth club in about 1949/50. We had Bob Gillette on Piano, Alan Beatson on clarinet, Clive Aitchison on Bass clarinet, B ill Davidson on Souza & sometimes banjo, & Ken from Frecheville, think who joined later on. We starte in the club& then in a pub near the City Hall, Norton Pub, Meadowhead & many other venues. Be interested to hear of other memories.
  10. I was there for 5 years & left in 1951. They were called the roughs in those days & out of bounds. I also suffered punishment under George Mack & various other masters, Adams (Maths) Haller (biology) to name, but a few. I still have some good memories though, although some of the Masters weren't up to it due to being too old having been retained longer than normal because of the war years.
  11. Hi David, I left Tyzacks in 1973 after 16 years. During that time I was one of their Representatives covering all Scotland & the North of England. I still remember a lot of the old workers & managers, many before your time.
  12. Anybody left who worked there from the 1950's?
  13. Steel City Stompers was started at St Chads Youth Club in the 1950's Tony (Sam) Wright was the founder & I was one of the original members with three others. Sam unfortunately died a few years ago, but I remember him from the 1940's.
  14. Sheffield bank office was the National Provincial Bank. I worked there in the 1950's & met my wife there. It was the largest NatPro office in the North before the bank merged with the Westminster Bank which used to be on High Street. The Manager at the time was Mr Burrons & the assistant was Mr Dagleish. I wonder how many of the members of staff are still around?
  15. I learnt to swim in Heeley Baths & remember going there from Abbey Lane school in the forties on a tram & going down a passageway that went through Tyzacks works & past a window where a man was hand cutting files. All Tyzacks works has now gone.
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