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  1. Just to keep everyone updated, i am forging the words now and ..bloomin heck its hard work! Thankyou to everyone thats contributed, theres still time for more, i have 4 more weeks to complete my work before the degree show.So please continue to add your memories of the steel industry. Again thankyou all so much. Pics soon i promise.
  2. Thankyou so much for replying and taking the time to expand on your memories, how did you begin to work in the foundry? What age where you? The tunnel sounds terrifying, can you expand further on this for me? I would love to use that in my work if i may? I hope that the words i make in steel will give some incite to those who will never experience this scale and type of work.
  3. Bloomdido, please expand further, how high was the roof? What age where you when you began working there? How did you begin working in this industry? Can you remember how you felt when you first started? Love the dantes inferno bit..would like to use some of your words if i may? How did ou feel after a days work? I feel that all those involved in this industry have a great pride in what they did and i hope my work will try to capture this. Thankyou so much for your reply and i will be posting pics as my work progresses.
  4. Thankyou slimsid..i think i have seen the documentary you refer too, however whilst its aesthetics are quite interesting, highlighting the bare personnal stories of redundant steelman i feel it rather lacks in the areas i am interested in and fails to deliver what i require. But thanks anyway.
  5. Oh Kidorry that would be fantastic!:)Ihave tried looking for the book but unsucessfully. However im not in sheffield, ...post? I would be happy to pay for the copy and postage.
  6. Thanks again to everyone who has been posting replies, i have done a lot of research on the steel industry and it was part of my dissertation. But what i am really interested in is how you felt in the foundrys, the personnal side of steel working that books and research dont elaborate on. I hope words that may give an incite to those that will never experience the scale of this work and the heat etc. Thankyou for replies but feel free to get poetic or profound, i would love the words to be as true to you as possible, so write in your own voice..ie slang/accent. Steelman 79 im working on your words already, the first post you put..about it being in the blood..is being created in forged steel. Will post some pics next week.
  7. Thankyou so much to everyone that has replied, look forward to hearing more so please keep them coming. I will post up the work as it progresses and thankyou again, what a wonderful forum. My admiration to all those who worked in these industries..must confess two days forging and i have muscles aching i didnt know i had! Thankyou again and please continue to send in replies. Lucianne.
  8. Hi I wonder if anyone can help me, im a fine art student and i am creating the words of steel workers in forged steel for my final degree exhibition. I would dearly love some memories from sheffield steelworkers to be included. In your own words , even in your own handwriting..which i will reproduce in steel. Particularly of the work itself and how it made you feel in the steel foundry environment. To anyone that can help i would happily provide photographs framed of the finished piece, if your words are included. many thanks Lucianne
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