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  1. my advice is call out a washer engineer, if your filter and pump are blocked and you use it, it will damage the main circuit board, that being the brain of your washer,and exspensive to replace
  2. great bloke, good comic, i did a bit of weight lifting with him when we were 14 yrs old at lyndsay rd youth club s5, and he was always cracking jokes, even when knackerred, and saw him do a turn at dial house not long before it closed,and he brought the house down with his wit, will be sadly missed, rip nutty!
  3. in the 60's, i actually liked stones beer, at that time, and went in bellhouse club, i think horseshoe was afferties, but in later life changed to stones, but best beer later was the roman ridge on flower estate, and fighting beer was the tetleys at shiregreen hotel, every time at chucking out time, somebody would be scrapping
  4. loved the 60's, livid in shiregreen, frequented the horshoe, wharncliffe arms, shiregreen hotel, penguine, some great groups around, but one saturday night comes to mind, mate of mine , called to see me, and said,are we going to the sicey hotel tonight ? whose on i asked ? i think it was the vantennas, without glen dale, sorry i cant ! i was out of work and skint, mum said here's a pound, pay me back when you get a job, so got dressed up, started in tap room, for an hour, game of darts, round of dominoes, 3 pints of queens tennants at 1 shilling 8 pence, a pint, had a hot pukka pie, about 1 shilling, bought from machine 10 woodbine, 1 shilling 4 pence, about 9-30 went in concert room,downed 3 more tennant queens, while watching group, shut doors at 11-00pm, last orders then was 10-30 with 10 to 20 mins to sup up, went home and still had change from the £1, there was 20 shillings to a £1 in the 60's, please bring back the good old days !
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