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  1. Call Hype Dance on 0114 2706757. S1 based with fully sprung floored and mirrored studios. We currently have space from 20:00 on Mondays. Thanks
  2. been a few times to Hei Moon and had a good meal. Loads to choose from -even for veggie's like me! Good value on our doorstep :-)
  3. hype dance hire their studios i think : http://www.hypedance.org.uk. in city centre :-)
  4. To clarify..... i drove from Decathalon to Wadlsey and the roads i took, on the ring road were not clear (opps.... Perhaps i should have said that originally??)
  5. I'm soooooo angry that none of the roads, even main ones have been gritted!!! How much notice did the council need?? It's been a very tentative journey home...... i'm very cross :-(
  6. i used to work there on a freelance basis, once a week. the school was very disciplined, the children well mannered, with a good mix of classroom and practical learning opportunities. not sure if it's the same head, but mr emmett was great to work for.
  7. in the craft centre - upstairs in orchard square. i think it's called ms tailors - he's great!
  8. these stories are awful. let the general manager of the club know immediately. they pay their wages. sounds barbaric!
  9. Its an exhibition that's been in london and birmingham and now sheffield. launches on tuesday evening. good idea to have something on the moor - it'll brighten it up for my walk to work!
  10. Yes - i used to get clothes from the Clock house section as birthday treats! There's C&A in Dusseldorf and Malaga also. Sadly I bought nothing in either!!
  11. nope they are all my clothes! Right, i'll be off to buy some moth balls this afternoon!
  12. Quick replies! So... the natural follow on question.... what do I do?! :-)
  13. As the title suggests, I'm noticing when I iron that several items have tiny little holes in them. It's not always the same type of fabric either. At first I thought it must have happened wearing the clothes, but now I'm noticing more. Any help would be appreciated - i'm baffled!
  14. REX motor services, neepsend. they've done all my cars for last 10 years, inc. audi
  15. i do one at Hype dance, just behind new fire service building wednesday's 6.30-7.30pm. lovely class - worked wonders for me! they have a website if you google, but number is 2706757
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