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  1. i got a freesat package deal from dsinstalls for £149.99, i was able to pay for it online, book an apointment date and time to suit me. he turned up as planned. he did a great job and everything works fantastic. i would recommend dsinstalls to anyone, cheapest i found on the net. RDI registered as well.
  2. i was having a crap day but just read this thread and nearly wet myself laughing!! you lot are so funny, it makes a change to see some light banter:hihi:
  3. thanks John, will look into this, i thought it was a bit unfair.
  4. i agree, it happened to me 2 weeks ago, they took my car as well
  5. yes will still have to get the locks changed, but had to order a basic key just for the police to be able to open the door to do finger prints etc.
  6. update: police recovered my car and took it for forensics!! sounds good ye, well i still havn,t got it back from them. here,s the story of frustration. i have phoned repeatedly, kept being told they can.t do forensics coz there,s no key- my reply i know there,s no key, the theifs have it. i have told you this 4 times already ok we will ring you back- did not ring, not once. meanwhile car still in pound i,m being charged. 7 days later- police tell me i have to order a key from citreon, lol key will take up to 10 days lol i am at the end of my tether
  7. i agree, there are no decent shoe shops, also clothes shops seam to have diminished
  8. sorry to hear about your friends car. what is happening? there has been a`massive increase in burglary,s and car theft recently in sheff 5.the police told me it,s actually gone down, but looking on here i think not. i,m really considering moving. hope your friend gets her car back. police still have mine, prob gonna cost a fortune on storage.
  9. hi all an update on my stolen C2, the good news is i have just been informed it has been found parked up on wordsworth cres. apparently it don,t look damaged but the police will probably brake into it to recover it as i don,t have a spare key, never mind at least it has been found. thanks for all your kinds words (at least most of you)
  10. hi, i hope ur right about the insurance paying out, esp for my car, i have just spent 3 years at hallam unversity doing my nurse training, i,m a single parent and the car was a graduation present to myself. there is no way i can replace it otherwise. i was in shock for a few days and felt upset, now i am beginning to feel very angry:rant::rant:. i,ll keep you all informed of any outcomes, thanks again
  11. i would like to thank every one for all your support. i live on crowder ave .
  12. BW04 ZTF it,s a lilac colour not very common for this model of car. thanks
  13. i live in sheffield 5 southy. early thursday morning i got up for work to discover i had been burgled and my car stolen while me and my children slept. they have stolen a 42 inch philips lcd tv, the:scum bags even took food from my fridge and valantines gifts. they used my car to steal my things. police say no evidence of forced entry so it looks like my 15 year old left the back door unlocked. due to this it looks i am unable to claim on house insurance. as yet there has been no sign of my car which is a silver lilac C2. not sure if insurance will pay out yet for car either. so if you spot my car parked up somewhere or suspect it could be drop me a line it would be much appreciated.
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