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  1. Hi I'm looking for a childminder/nanny in the S5 area (Shiregreen) for 2 children. A 2 year old girl and an 8 month old boy. Care needed on Wed 8am - 3pm, Thu and Fri 8am - 6pm for my son and Wed 8am - 3pm and Fri 8am - 6pm for my daughter. Would prefer to be close by or even someone come to my house to look after them if at all possible. Could you please email me with references, prices and registration details please - and a little info about yourself. My email address is aliciagasston@me.com Cheers Alicia
  2. Lol!! Thanks everyone!! Glad everyone can see the cute and funny side. And thanks for liking my doggies. Thought I'd include some more of them for you ... not wearing pants though!! H Hounds - can't wait to meet your Danes soon. She really does need a 'large' friend to play with!! And LittleMermaid - how have I not seen you out and about if you live in Woodseats??! Most people recognise us there with having little and large!! http://i805.photobucket.com/albums/yy333/LeeshyXX/2.jpg http://i805.photobucket.com/albums/yy333/LeeshyXX/1.jpg http://i805.photobucket.com/albums/yy333/LeeshyXX/3.jpg Enjoy xxx
  3. Here you go!! Doesn't her bum look amazing in her little apple catchers!! The Chihuahua is intrigued too!! http://i805.photobucket.com/albums/yy333/LeeshyXX/Bliss.jpg
  4. Well, my Great Dane bitch has come into season a little earlier than expected. After her last season we couldn't afford to get her 'done' due my Husband being made redundant (he has a new job now though), and finding out we were expecting our first baby :-) But before people start kicking off, we have the money saved now to get her done after this season. Anyway, here's what I'm hoping will make you smile. People who have owned bitches in season know things get very messy with the 'blood drips' when they walk around, or the patches of blood when they sit down anywhere. Great Danes are massive, so the mess is massive!! Our kitchen is laminate, so normally she's confined to the kitchen and back garden (for easy cleaning) which I feel awful about. We normally have to buy her a new bed afterwards too. She's a family pet and I love her being allowed in the carpeted living room/bedroom and she has her own sofa. Problem being blood gets everywhere so we can't let her :-( So I've improvised. I've found an old pair of my knickers, some pink ribbon and a sanitary towel and wallah!!! Doggy 'Season' Knickers!! She looks adorable in them, and the surprising thing is she doesn't mind having them on. At first she was a bit curious, but now she lifts her back paws to have them put on and puts up a fight when you try to take them off so she can wee!! I've never seen anything like it, a Great Dane walking around in huge apple catchers!! With her waggy tail sticking out!! Best bit now is the fact she can have the run of the house as normal, her bed stays clean so we don't end buying a new one, and the 'used' pad is easily binned and a fresh one applied. Just had to share, I'm sorry for anyone being groced out!! Things you do for your pets eh!! I must be mad!! Funniest bit, my baby is due in a few weeks and I went to boots to buy some 'Always'. My friend works there and was very confused that I was buying some as I've not needed them these past 8 months... my reply was 'they're for the Dog'. I've never been stared at so weirdly in my life. She didn't know what to say back!!
  5. The Chihuahua beat her to it!!! The Dane is too daft and slow bless her. After I've finished eating she does come and give me the sloppiest wettest tongue in face kiss though... probably trying to find left overs inbetween my teeth Although she does move pretty fast when she hears the biscuit tin open!
  6. Read the GoldFish comment and quite literally spat out sweetcorn everywhere!!! Lol!! Yep, the Goldie is the most dangerous ... going to have to keep an eye on that fella ...
  7. I'm 36 weeks pregnant, due the 2nd May. I have 2 doggies (a Great Dane and a Chihuahua), 2 Cats and a Goldfish. I am sick to death of people (family and friends) telling me I need to 'get rid' of my Animals because I'm having a baby. The cats will apparently smother her, the Dogs will bite her etc etc. I can whole heartedly say my pets are going NO-WHERE!!! I am moving house in 2 weeks - crazy this late on in pregnancy, but I wanted to make sure we could find somewhere to rent that accepted pets, I would have gladly moved on my due date if it meant taking my pets with me. A pet is for life, yes, my dogs might get jealous or be aggressive when baby arrives, but you know what?? I would never put my child, or my pets in a situation where something could happen. And I would work hard to correct the behaviour. I love my animals and will never consider rehoming them, ever!! I grew up with 2 Great Danes and 2 Dobermans, they never hurt me, they were never in a position where they could have. I am a responsible dog owner. My Dane has been much more protective of me me these past 6 months, she knows I'm pregnant and loves nothing more than sitting with me, paw over bump!! Lol!! She's going to be a great family dog, I can already tell. Nope, it drives me mad that poor pets are discarded as new 'interests', be it baby, fella, or another pet is introduced. It makes me sick.
  8. I feel for you. I have 2 dogs, which do bark I admit - not excessively, just when giddy or playing, or when someone knocks on the door. Our neighbours approached our landlord to complain. Fair enough. I wish they had just approached us, as we are polite and would of done something about it. We did what we could, but then another complaint was made. Bear in mind, these neighbours are very noisy too. One weekday morning, I was off work ill. The dogs were barking downstairs and I could here strange noises outside so I got up to see what was the matter. I walked into the kitchen and saw on our back garden, next door (the wife) waving her arms and shouting the dogs through the window, which of course were going mental, and her husband trying to record it!!!! I don't think they knew I was home and were deliberately winding the dogs up to bark to try to get us evicted! I still have no idea why. And on reflection, our dogs really didn't bark that much ... just normal behaviour really. I confronted them, and instead of talking rationally they scurried off back into the house, embarrassed at being caught I suppose. So all the time they were accusing my dogs of barking excessively, they were the cause of it. From then, I have witnessed several times, the wife and the kids deliberately winding my dogs up. Banging on the walls, screaming their names through the walls, playing knock a door run and winding them up through the windows. The best bit is though, we have since found out that the previous 2 tennants of the property moved out due to their noisy family, and believe me they are stupidly noisy. There's the Mum and Dad and 2 kids, and an older kid that comes over often. We are constantly having to listen to 'boom boom' music at 8am in the morning through till lunch time on weekends and the kids literally screaming at each other (I think this is how they communicate, because the mother screams too!). We can often hear every single word and can even sing along to the music they play! When my husband went round, they refused to answer the door ... strange ... so now, as bad as it sounds, I really don't care that my dogs bark. Infact I encourage it when they do as I blame them. They bark at the noise from next door. I am mindful that they don't bark at anti social hours. But I certainly encourage it at 8am on a sunday morning when I can hear every word to LMFAO's sexy and I know it!
  9. Well, I am a 24 year old married pregnant woman who works full time earning a decent wage. My husband also works full time earning a decent wage. We don't receive any support as in benefits, council housing etc - we have done everything ourselves. We currently private rent and are saving a deposit for a mortgage. Even in this economy and the wages we earn, we still struggle after all of our necessary expenses. As our household earns over the threshold we aren't entitled to any help (not that we'd want it). I and my husband have both worked everyday (except weekends, holidays and sickness) since we were 16. Paid a stupid amount in tax and national insurance etc yet we aren't entitled to claim any of that back in the form of 'help'. Yet my sister, who is 18, unemployed (never worked a day in her life), uneducated and still lives with my mother who hasn't paid a thing into the system, and doesn't intend to has got herself pregnant and guess what?? She's given a house, no rent, cheap bills, JSA, Income Support, Maternity Grant, Housing Grant … in effect, she's earning more than myself when all she does is sit on her arse all day doing nothing!! It makes me sick that I'm having to pay my taxes to support people like her. Don't get me wrong, I love my sister dearly but disagree with the way she's leading her life. I have principles and will continue to work, even after giving birth. It's the way I have been brought up (by my Grandparents). But thinking about it I would be better off quitting my job (hubby too), going on benefits and to keep popping children out as more children means more money and a house etc. It doesn't pay in this country anymore to be a hard working married couple - if anything you are penalised for it. As for teenage Mums in Sheffield, I don't really care. I respect the ones who actually do make their life better by getting a job, getting educated and trying their hardest to make the best life possible for their child - I have a few friends who have done this. They are single Mums where the pregnancy wasn't planned, yet they've got a job and provide and care for their child. It's the ones who pop child after child after child that annoy me. Yes I know taxes get spent on other things, not just CTC, HB etc but a proportion does go to these low lifes who think it's acceptable to claim hard workers money to fund their spliff smoking, alcohol drinking layabout way of life. And it's proven that a lot children who are brought up by parents like these follow suit. It's a vicious circle. They see their parents on the dole and doing nothing with their lives, therefore think that's ok and do that themselves.
  10. Hello Again, sorry I've not been on. I don't mind at all if you bring Poppy - it's really good you're trying to tackle the problem instead of ignoring it like most other owners do. So well done!! I'll be at the meeting point at 2pm so will definitely see you there. Quite looking forward to it!! You'll know me straight away as mentioned in a previous post. If you do need my number just ask and I'll PM it you. See you Sunday :-) Leesha x
  11. Shall we say Sunday at 2pm, Graves Park Pavillion? You'll know me straight away. Will be with a guy, A Harlie Great Dane (looks like a giant Dalmation!!) and a white Chihuahua! If anyone needs my number PM me. Leesha x
  12. Hello So sorry I haven't been back on here!! Been staying in South Shields with the Sister in Law for New Year and my phone signal is rubbish!! Anyway, I'm thinking if anyone is free on Saturday or Sunday? We could meet at the Pavillion in Graves Park and have a walk? I work Mon - Fri 9 - 5 so it's difficult to get out other than weekends. I do take them walkies after work, I just avoid parks as it's too dark!! Anyone want to suggest a time etc? I can get there when ever. Terri - I've text you, hopefully you've got it? Really hoping we can sort something out? Leesha x
  13. H Hounds, Firstly, Wow! 2 Great Danes!!! One is enough for me!! HaHa! On another note, I don't actually know anyone else in Sheffield with Great Danes, so if you wouldn't mind, I'd love to meet up with you in the New Year for a Dane walk!! Mine is a Harlequin (sp) bitch, 3 years old, (not done yet, will be at the end of Jan) and has a lovely temperament. She loves all dogs, big or small. We also have a Chihuahua and they get on famously, they couldn't be without eachother. We rescued her back in May from a Puppy Farm, she'd been used as a breeding machine and was very malnourished and scared. But we've worked really hard with her and now she loves affection from anyone, she's very vocal, is starting to love food - she's still underweight, but has put on such a lot these past few months, but more than anything she loves to run around and play. Unfortunately, when we go walkies to Graves Park, most other Dog owners are nervous of her because of her size and won't allow their Dogs to play with her. So to meet another Dane would be wonderful for her. If you'd like, PM me your number and we can arrange something. I have also noticed you're a groomer ... could I also arrange a bath for the Dane as she won't fit in our bath and she's scared of the hose pipe!! She stinks!! HaHa!!
  14. So, myself and my Husband who have both worked non-stop since leaving school, who have paid tax and contributed to National Insurance have to pay for prescriptions ... yet those who have never worked, never intend to work and will never work a day in their lives who haven't contributed to the system get prescriptions for free? It doesn't make sense. Surely the £1000's my Husband and I have spent in tax and NI should pay for a measley course of anti biotics for Tonsilitus? But no, £7 odd to get better!! I am currently pregnant and believe me I'm going to milk it for what it's worth with my Maternity Exemption card. I have eczema so I'm going to get a massive supply of my bio oil, steriod cream, emolients etc and also get myself to the dentist for a check up, polish etc. Get back what I've paid for with tax and NI for all these years as in 18 months time I'll be back to paying!! I agree that OAP's/Children and people with long term medical illnesses should get free prescriptions. But I think everyone else should pay. I have friends who work in pharmacy's and even they have said how disgusting it is that people from other countries come here for HIV/Hep C treatment as it's free. Doctors are giving out 6 months worth of treatment at a time which costs £10,000's because they are going 'back home' (which isn't in England) for the next 6 months. 6 months later they're back claiming they're living in Britain again to get another 6 months worth of treatment and then 'going back home' again. This country is a joke.
  15. I can safely say that most people, drunk or not can recognise a pregnant lady and be polite and careful on how they 'shove' past them. Meadowhall on a saturday is usually crammed. Should pregnant women not go there? I've been pushed and shoved more on a busy bus!! Some people are truly pathetic. All pregnant woman - lock yourselves away and wrap up in cotton wool. Too many risks in the real world you know!!!
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