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  1. I have just remembered to put in my name. It is Carol Ash nee Allwood. Apparently I was going to be called Elaine. My dad (as I have always known him) was in the Army and my mother had an affair with Jimmy Jackson . I was registered as Carol Allwood by my dad before anyone else could register me.
  2. I was born in Sheffield in September 1942. My mothers name was Florence Allwood. Ballard before she got married. The mans name is Jimmy Jackson that is my real dad. He used to work with my mother at Tommy Wards I thing or Edgar Allens in 1941/42. We lived in Crookesmoor Road at the time. The old part that is no longer there now down the Oxford end. Thanks Mickey I hope someone can help me
  3. Hello I was wondering if anyone could help me? I found at three years after my mother died that whom I thought was my father wasn't my biological father. It is a long story so I wont go on about it. My father died over 20 years ago so I can't get any information from him. I haven't any brothers or sisters but my Aunts told me about it and all my cousins have known all the time. I was the only one that didn't know. I am 60 years old now but it really is doing my head in not knowing if I could have any brothers or sisters. The man knows about me because he did want me but as I said it is a long story so I wont go into it as it is too long a story. I am living in Australia now. I know his name and where he used to work but that is all. I hope someone can help me Thanks:blush:
  4. Hello I am from Sheffield. Lived there for 23 years and my husband lived there for 31 years. Moved to Somerset for 5 years and then to Australia whre we have been since 1971. Great place to live. My husband also is an old cyclist. Used to ride with Meersbrook Cyclist Club. Still keeps in contact with a few of the old members.
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