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  1. I am afraid not but if you check your PM's I will send you a picture of your Dad in the TV times if this is of interest? Neil
  2. VCR's were very new then. The School had one and recorded the show but unfortunately the PE teacher taped a rugby match over it two days later!! Tried You Tube but no luck.. Thanks for posting anyway
  3. Thank you for taking the time to post this information. If possible, I would be really interested in making contact with your good friend who was also in Marti's first competition as this was the show I was in and maybe he recorded the TV broadcast? If you can PM me that would be fantastic and once again, thank you for your post. Neil
  4. Hi nico34, Thank you for your offer - please reply to either the PM I have sent or re post here as I am keen to obtain your help as you have so kindly offered. Neil
  5. Hi Nico34, I have sent you a PM with my contact details. Look forward to hearing from you. Regards Neil
  6. I have to say that IE9 causes problems with certain websites and I find myself constantly hitting the little 'broken page' link in the address bar to get IE to emulate IE8, so I can work on websites. Very strange...
  7. Try Hillfoot Steel on Penistone Road Hope this helps. Neil Clarke.
  8. Hi nico34. Thank you for your post. Yes please I would really appreciate your help. We cannot PM each other to exchange contact details as we both have less than 5 posts, so I will contact the site administrators to ask for assistance. Contact you soon - hopefully Neil
  9. Hi, I know this is a long shot but... I am trying to contact any friends or family of the late Marti Caine please. In December 1974, as a schoolboy, I appeared on the New Faces show and Marti won it. She gave me her autograph and wrote 'great working with you - see you when you are 21! I am desperately trying to obtain a copy of the show that hopefully someone recorded. (VCR's were quite new at the time). ATV have destroyed the shows, except the All Winner's Show. If you can help I would really appreciate a PM from you. I am more than willing to pay to obtain a copy of the show. Thank you in advance. Neil
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