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  1. Hi to every one and sadbrewer who have helped me to try to return the medal to a member of the Burcroft family the medal has crossed swords and 1914-15 date on it and I look forward to finding how.
  2. Hi sadbrewer thanks for your reply and yes his regimental no is the one you have quoted and wold love to find a descendent to who I could return it to
  3. I have a world war 1 medal issued to L C T Burtoft who served in the York and Lanks he came from Chapletown Yorkshire and would like to return it to his family
  4. Does any one recall the butchers shop at Meadow Head I think it was called Tagies I think that's how it was spelt run by a brother and sister in the 1950 s
  5. Thanks for that I use to work there as an apprentice from 1955 t0 1960
  6. Does any one know of the were about of Trevor Colley lived on the Lowedges Estate went to Jordonthorpe Secondary Modern in 1953 and will be about 80 now
  7. My grandparents lived at no 1 Monmouth street by the name of Eastwood and he died in 1961 I can remember the corner shop selling a small bread loaf for penny thee farthings that would be in the early 50s
  8. Hi Graves Park holds many memories from the fifty's sledging on the golf course in winter boating and fishing in both the ponds .I went to Abbey Lane school and as we had no playing field so we would be taken to play football and cricket when the weather was fine on the parks pitches .Playing in gangs of hide and seek when the nights were drawing in the woods scaring each other to death .Happy Days
  9. Does ay one know what year Lockwood and Carlisle were located in Pomona Street ceased trading I worked there from 1955 till 1959
  10. I went to Jordanthorpe when it first opened in 1953 when Greenhill County school and Woodseats school were amalgamated to Jordanthorpe Mr Adams was the headmaster and I always remember he ruled with an iron fist .
  11. Went to Abbey Lane infant school 1945 - 1951 when you were told what to do and heaven help you if you disobeyed not like now but it made you show respect and was a lesson well learnt for later life
  12. Who remembers the painted fabrics at meadow head in the 1950s
  13. I worked at Taggs the butchers in 1953-1955 as a delivery boy along with Mr Tagg and his sister also delivered papers for Pembertons the newsagents 7/ 6 a week
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