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  1. Who remembers the painted fabrics at meadow head in the 1950s
  2. I worked at Taggs the butchers in 1953-1955 as a delivery boy along with Mr Tagg and his sister also delivered papers for Pembertons the newsagents 7/ 6 a week
  3. Does any one know of the Briggs family lived on Nottingham Street in the 1935 to 1941
  4. does any one remember Lockwood and Carlisle just off Pomona Street in the 1950
  5. Hi did any one know Trevor Colley he lived on Lowedges untill1967 he went to Jordon Thorpe and left in 1955
  6. Hi did any body go to Greenhill County School in the 1952/3 and then were transferred to Jordon Thorpe Secondary Modern School which is now a car dealership ?
  7. looking for any past employees that worked at Lockwood and Carlise from 1956 onward
  8. My Farther Jack Forshaw worked at Laycocks for some 48 years both at Archer Road and Little London road on the overdrive section I have worked at two or three engineering companies and his name always seemed to be known.
  9. she was my sister but was adopted in 1943 she would be 5 years old but i was only 2 years old
  10. looking for information on Brenda Briggs who was in the home from December 1941 to May 1943
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