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  1. I think it is essential that the super team has a terminal in both hospitals the Royal hallamshire and the northern general. It would give people access to healthcare without being exploited with parking costs and struggling th through lack of parking.
  2. Hi I am considering having a loft conversion with a raised hip and a large former window. I want to make a bedroom and an ensuite. I know the height of the roof is fine for this. I am wanting advice from people who have already gone through this process eg the costs of this and dos and don'ts. I also want recommendations for builders who people have used I am terrified of ending up with a cowboy builder situation. Thank you in advance for your help and advice.
  3. I was wondering if anyone knows of a kitchen fitter who installs ready assembled kitchen units, plasters a room and can do water and electrical work all in one go without me having to use different trades. The actual kitchen will be delivered 6 November and I don't know where to start.
  4. Can I please thank the man who with a jcb with plough attached attempted to clear the side roads in Grenoside today. His kindness is much appreciated :-)
  5. I have been to Tunisia 4 times never had a vaccine. We went to Dominican last year and had hep a and it was free. Check with boots but I'm sure you are ok in Tunisia I have took young kids with me each time I travelled. Hope this helps
  6. Please can people in the Grenoside area keep your eyes open for a small black dog. He is a lasa apso. He went missing last night when he slipped his collar out on a walk. He is 12 years old. Thanks in advance for your help. ---------- Post added 06-11-2013 at 10:27 ---------- He has been found safe
  7. I have just seen the thread and my daughter wants to go to this secondary school. I know in years gone by Grenoside children have gone to this school. Is this still the case?
  8. It appears to me that ofstead put schools into special measures to force them to become academy's. If they believe and have proof that academy's are so fantastic why not give schools an above board inspection and put the choice in the hands of parents if they want their kids in an academy by way of a vote and an explanation.
  9. Just a quick reminder to all parents about the meetings at 2 and 6 o'clock today to discuss ofstead report.
  10. All I can say is my children go to Grenoside School and my children are happy and progressing well. In my opinion Ofstead have discredited their credibility and made the inspections stand out for the garbage they are.
  11. I thought this before I posted but it is true. I love the Sheffield forum humour so I will survive :-)
  12. I was driving through grenoside earlier and saw a green parakeet sat on the roof of a house. I have come home and read about them and it seems they do live in wild in Britain. Has anyone else noticed any about.
  13. I also live at the side of a gennel and its disgusting. My husband cleared it yesterday. People where I live behave like its our fault if its a mess. If you get any joy with the council could you please let me know. There is no point in me ringing yet as it was done yesterday. Good luck :-)
  14. To be honest I have things like picnics and a trip to rivelin valley planned. I will also be visiting cannon hall but just thought some fresh ideas would be welcone. My kids are 6 and 8. Thanks Mr bloom your thread is very helpful.
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