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  1. They gave me that- page 13 mentions £227 a year. I strongly doubt it!
  2. Believe me- I will work everything out before going into business. I certainly don't want to make a mess of it. I heard £6-7k for my cart would be the price, which is better. I'd like to move around the city though, ecclesall road- western park- broomhill etc springs to mind. Could make a bit of cash doing it that way.
  3. I just wish the moor could look as good as the Fargate area. It stinks of **** and puke and does indeed look like Gaza.
  4. I would never make a profit if it was remotely close to that sort of money.
  5. This is exactly what we did- the trader near the big wheel told us "he didn't know" and the ice cream folk "weren't allowed to say"! Why is this information so top secret!!? Well we are getting help from the "BIG" people- they were very helpful, but again, no matter how many I asked he just couldn't say how much it would cost until we had more of an idea on the trailer size we'll get. We did give them an idea, but again we just couldn't get an answer...
  6. I'm pretty sure there is- really disgusting! All we're after is an idea of the cost- why are they being so infuriating!
  7. I think the idea has potential to do well- but obviously it'll take time to make a decent profit. I just want it to be doable not impossible due to stupidly expensive rents.
  8. ...The council would not give me an idea until I sent them an application and had it approved! I'd only have a cart selling food- I'd like to know the rent first before I buy anything for obvious reasons. If I can't afford the rent, it's a non starter really!
  9. I need a SAFE place to park my car near the city centre. I have a trailer which will live on fargate in the day. Where do you park??!
  10. Lol, amazing to think that even on the internet someone remembers me for constantly feeling sick...! I just need to find something.
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