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  1. Try in central libray for book called old beighton think there two of them and I think brookhouse may be in there. It was built in the 1950's I attended for a short time then went up into what we called the seniors in the old beighton board school
  2. Nothing to do with the book but was this person " Spike" involved with the scouts? I was in King Edwards hospital up rivelin and a guy called spike Johnson did the cubs up there
  3. The rehabilitation centre was the artificial limb centre and was only a small part of the Handsworth site think it was part of then DHSS. Also on the site was Remploy cardboard factory The rest being the training centre run by the dept of employment for unemployed to change careers. As you say he was an instructor he probably worked for the employment training centre rather than the artificial limb centre. The dept of employment did late become Manpower services, although I worked there on maintenance for a number of years and remember some of the names of instructors sorry do not remember the guy you asked about. Hope this helps though
  4. In the 1950's you could just book travel di it quite a lot for a number of years The coach livery was as described, but the firm consisted of two brothers Ceil G Littlewood from burngreave Sheffield and Fred N Littlewood from brinsworth not sure of number coaches but on one trip there was at least 7 two of Fred's and the others Ceil's plus hired in coaches
  5. The road was called eckington rd and the site was an anti aircraft gun site during the war. After the war the buildings were used for displaced people for a time eventually it was all pulled down. Now an housing estate ---------- Post added 14-09-2013 at 19:53 ---------- Kevan Peckhams or was it before or after them?? the shoe repair shop was up across from the Cumberland head pub Peckhams down near the picture house
  6. Booth and Fisher were from Halway near Killamarsh. Grant and Mcallin beighton two tone green, Littlewood bros Cg and FN plum/wine with silver grey, Sharpe bros beighton cream and maroon, Burdetts Mosbro, Furness just to mention a few more
  7. I think you will find it was the Littlewood bros CG littlewood from Burngreave and FN Littlewood from Brinsworth. Both companies ahd same livery plum/wine with silver grey they went from where the Nelson Mandela building is now. it was a regular Friday night from 8.00pm arriving at Torquay 8.00am saturday morning. The return trip was 9.00am saturday back to sheffield. The sheffield drivers finished at Bath and a local hire driver took the coach to Torquay and then back to Bath. At the time coach firms were strictly regulated and in fact SUT objected to Littlewoods getting the licence to run the service. I travelled several times this way to Devon and only saw SUT on tour not as a service run.
  8. I wouldnt know Derek, the levicks were on my mother in law's side
  9. Thank you Lawrence for the condolences in respect of my late wife I mentioned your post to Edward the younger brother
  10. If we take 50+ yrs as 59 that only takes it back to 1953, Brookhouse was built then. It was used as part of Beighton school well prior to that time my older sister can remember going there then going across to school rd. The only aspect the libraries got wrong was that the building shown said it was on school rd (which it was not)and referred to it as the same building as the actual building on school rd which it was not. Yes the rectory was to the left of the building nearer the top of the hill and was taken down to build Haddon Court and a new rectory built behinf the church hall ( that is between the church hall and the church it self)
  11. Yes lawrence my mother in law was a lovely lady, Mary was Josie's younger sister
  12. I would suggest the operative word is " Church " hall, steeples are usually asscoiated with churchs rather than schools. Therefore it seems logical for a church hall to have a steeple. The building on High st was never built as a school, but as a church hall. It was used as a school for a time maybe as an overspill to beighton board school. Certainly in the 1950's the infants used the ground floor part of the Beighton Board School on school rd, while the juniors and seniors used the upper and the wood huts. Later Brookhouse School was built for the juniors, leaving the infants in the lower part of Beighton Board School and the seniors in the upper and the wood huts Yes the old school on school rd is still used as the infants
  13. quite a co-incidence i was looking recently at the same pictures. I emailed sheffield library archives for them to amend the text as it was wrong. The building shown was and is the church hall on high st, it was used as a school at one time. But is not the building referred to in the text. The beighton board school on school road was built in 1880 as a single storey and had the second floor added in 1896. The steeple on the church hall was removed during alterations after the WW two and after it was no longer used as a school.
  14. Well Done Nice to see Sheffield Council having to back down over something in Beighton
  15. Thanks for confirmation knew John frogratt very briefly and worked with Denis later for a short while
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