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  1. Hello, I am looking for a plumber that can help with a toilet fitment in a bathroom. Does anyone know of a decent, trustworthy plumber who would pick up a small job like this? Before the admins close me down, I can find the plumbers links but i'm specifically looking for recommendations based on the size of the job. Thanks in advance.
  2. Woodseats FC are a club with a long history in the Sheffield and District Fair Play league. We are currently looking for quality players to improve an already strong team. We play on a Saturday morning, train mid-week and are currently looking to relocate to a high quality pitch with good changing facilities. If you fancy being involved in a well-run Division 1 team with a good atmosphere feel free to send me a message or text … Terry Bebbington (Manager) on 07882 723787 or Matt Jennings (Assistant Manager) on 07939 028163
  3. Is there anyone out there that collects scrap metal? I have a few items ready for collection if anyone is interested.
  4. sure. We have a friendly next week. PM me and we can discuss.
  5. Hi there, Training is Tuesday's, detailed above. Trails will be preseason but we are always looking to improve so come to training and we can take it from there. Standard of the league is generally good. You could say it is similar to the blades superdraw or top of the imperial. Feel free to drop me a pm for more details.
  6. Just a reminder if people are looking for teams. Thanks.
  7. Our team is AC Southside and we play in the Sheffield and District Fair Play League division 2. The league is one of the premier amature football leagues in Sheffield with 10.30am kick off times each Saturday. We are currently looking to strengthen our squad and are holding trials for players in all positions. We will be having friendlies and training through the following months for players wanting to play in our Saturday morning team. New players wishing to attend a trial must have played before in order to be able to challenge our existing players for a place in the squad. The club plays home fixtures on Handsworth Recreational Ground with good changing facilities. Other playing facilities within the league also consist of some of the best facilities in the region. Training is on Tuesday evenings at Sheffield Park Academy. PM me if you are interested.
  8. This is a really interesting picture as you can just see my house! Are you local to here?
  9. does anyone know how you get in to the wmc at chapeltown? do you have to be a member and if so how do you become one?
  10. AC Southside play in the SDFPL and are looking for players for all positions. Drop me a PM if anyone is interested.
  11. Hi there, I've been looking through picturesheffield and a few other places but cant find any old pictures of Town End Road. Does anyone have any? Thanks,
  12. Can anyone tell me what live music is going on other than what's listed in the posts under 'going out'? I'm looking for some live music on a friendly level, something like a working mens club but where I don't have to be a member to get in. Thanks in advance, Matt
  13. It's only a minority of people frrp. Thanks for the heads up. Lets hope the police or the dog warden does something about it before someone get hurt.
  14. Hi Mate, sorry i haven't been down but i have been working away. Have you tried the City Limits? they rent space and rooms out.
  15. Thanks for that guys. I only do around 2000 miles a year in my Fiesta so i can manage with the cheap and nasties. :-)
  16. Hi all, I need to buy some tyres for my Mk1 Fiesta. Does anyone know of a place where i can buy cheap 175x50x13's from? Cheers, Matt
  17. Try Amberly Garage across from the police station in Attercliffe.
  18. We are an 11 a side team and train at Hillsborough on a Wednesday night. You are more then welcome to join us. PM me if you are interested. :-)
  19. Ours is on the 16th April but we might have a game on the 23rd. Anytime after that is good for us as we will need to keep busy over the summer. :-)
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