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  1. 1st 30 mins I'd agree after fleck was magnificent Berge is so calm under pressure and good close control Bournemouth had a plan and the cheating feigning injury pushing screaming I think united deserved it mousett is just electric
  2. Well sadly according to some so called drivers were not I was at crystal peaks 3 buses were missing and one turned into a different number a lady asked the driver of she could find out the next one he was rude and obnoxious.
  3. Apparently it can't be racist according to some people
  4. Well Jurgen klopp had and he has been well k own one of the best young talents in Europe
  5. The guy who made himself a victim nearly every tweet starts with white people he has a grudge and used this to enhance his popularity.
  6. Good draw for man city Seriously not a bad draw for the Blades but midweek arrgh
  7. Professional performance
  8. I think you'll find now the stadium will be upgraded and capacity extended
  9. The star is doing it self out of business having to pay to read online is a rip off
  10. As I see it Wednesday have trued to bend the rules d taxis Elev8. Etc
  11. I worked at hallam and it was beginning to feel like this also I know some said to me you can't call someone love or dear. 2020 and the lefties are micro managing everything
  12. I believe its a maximum of 18 weeks I had a halrar hemmofhoid surgery saw the surgeon in April had a sigmoidoscopy then a follow docs appointment then told it was surgery had it 4 weeks later.
  13. Have you thought she's leaving a sinking ship they could quite easily lose the council in May
  14. Can we have a party no Julie bore is going sge has made a complete muck up of Sheffield whilst in power
  15. How arrigibat are you bus driver this is exactly why people have no disrespect because a lot of drivers have no respect for customer service . LOL your funny because my comments are based on drivers like you how the hell you can sit behind your computer slagging people off I'm sure your employees would love to see your comments. You would be disclipined
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