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  1. I agree but I thought only category 1 stated academy can join
  2. There is absoloutly no need why it should be shut Sheffield is embarrassing
  3. this council has lost the plot how-to kill a city centre. Sheffield council are experts
  4. Watford has London on its door stop
  5. Got off a bus outside the lyceum who in the right mind as thought of ashfelting the road not even level to provide more social distance . But there's no one catching the buses This is a claim waiting to happen
  6. What rubbish would you go to curry's get a tv no guarantee or jl 5 year guarantee John Lewis should build one like leeds
  7. Not sure on this one definatley a winnable game on our own patch
  8. Having watched yesterday's game we should have won definatley a pen apart from a mistake from oli there rarely threatened we played like the home side Great goal from eagan I'll take a point but could have been 3
  9. Because it took us a few games to find our rhythm 2nd half against arsenal it was coming back
  10. Quite simple he's a business man and I tell you this the best news rumours are a new state of the art training ground at Norton maybe do like man city has done built a stadium there for the ladies
  11. If we lose John Lewis in Sheffield that will be the death of city centre
  12. Yeah it's a matter of opinion Like half of the anti semite Labour Party. Then has corbyn got the brush that he used to sweep it under the carpet Or telling priti Patel she can't discuss blm as she isn't in that Postion to say things Hmmmm She won't do that listen to the leader of blm to hear a proper clueless person
  13. Because lammy is a joke as bad as Dianne abbot
  14. It's OK for planes to be full but not Buses
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