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  1. Exactly tell me then what have Sheffield scc done done for the city why do you think they are talking to John Lewis to try and sort a deal . They puss footed around hammerson went to Leeds they are useless
  2. I'd do a better job than the shower we have and Julie bore 😁 Let's see what happens I know they have been in talks
  3. The plastererer we had for the bathroom was sub contracted he said its so hit and miss with the council they dint pay great and he had to take a another job
  4. And Labour have done good for the city 😂😂
  5. Because without it Sheffield dies that's why
  6. Councils waste money we are still waiting for the bathroom to be fixed it wtook 13 months to get a bath installed due to previous Tennant putting a wet room in illegally
  7. I agree but that's Labour for You especially in Sheffield look at IKEA it took 20 years
  8. To me I think it tells it all John Lewis been in talks now with the council wouldn't it been easier to get a smaller store but use the store at present they have annoyed Aberdeen too and they have been promised a smaller store with waitrose maybe taking some of there shop
  9. They did a damn right more that Labour Every electrical item I have TV etc is from John Lewis online is good but you can see them. Working etc
  10. But are we turning into snitches yes they should know better but is the crime as bad a robbery .
  11. 300 deaths not all are from covid Lockdown did nothing but why such a massive flar up of cases
  12. The problem is all. This is scaremongering more people will die from. Cancers not been picked up Surgery cancelled. Not saying its a awful. Desease it is I had mild symptoms in March but it is terrible but we have to work out what's best another lockdown who pays the govermrnt won't so bills won't get paid etc its a vicious circle
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