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  1. you really cant help yourself yet again posting drivel
  2. Try movi g to a new property signed up for direct debit that was due to go out every two weeks on the wife's pay day so didn't go go out so left it a few days and it still hadn't gone I was Informed it hadn't even been set up at all
  3. bash street do u a favour and go from this thread your getting boring now
  4. owen jones is disgrace what he put lets say that it was heavy handed but personally ometimes its needed better a female had done it though
  5. personally i always do deals mutal meet place as the buyer doesnt know your address i know difficult with a oven but thats what i do
  6. Who gives a monkeys unite and first need to live in the real world people are being made redundant etc
  7. Poppycock why are the bus drivers saying there the victim
  8. live in the real world first are disgrace you are joking not that some first drivers have the worst attitude i have ever seen in customer service a wage freeze big wow people are losing tehre jobs and all first and unite are bothered about is a wage freeze get in the real world
  9. Ironic been on united thread 😂😂😂
  10. wilders going nowhere in talks over a new contract
  11. its more than that all the season tickets were sold that were allowed
  12. you did actually read back slagging utd off saying no budget etc is that not turning it into a utd thread and your summising adding 2 and 2 together to make 10
  13. lets face it being on hunted helped his case his attitude towards trump was disgrace and like the poster said it was all about self importance
  14. no you wish it goes downhill end of the day your so bitter we are there and a typical wednesday fans giving it large your on your way in 3 seasons Wilder has got us from league 1 to the championship embarrased you at your own ground etc one word bash is your BITTER
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