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  1. It's a start but at least there starting to listen
  2. The problem at the moment is there is no incentive for workers to go home and isolate the benefit system is broken and while no incentive the virus gets worse
  3. The issue is by advising and not demanding the government have now stopped companies like bars theatres etc claiming insurance
  4. Notice people slagging Boris again we have the best scientists listen to what they say its actually makes a lot of sense
  5. I know one thing I see many people stopping bills etc direct debits
  6. So a 13 to 1 chance of you get the virus There's many of unanswered questions if it goes to the delay stage
  7. Why it was the best budget for a while corbyn and his cronies would have spent money on stupid things
  8. There's a few questions I have seen a few mortgage prividor already saying they will defere payments let's see if councils housing associations follow the same principal .
  9. Good then so they should be
  10. Stop making excuses they as should be more prepared
  11. Bit of luck Labour will be out of Sheffield soon says it all wgen a staunch Labour supporting friend says labour's ruining Sheffield
  12. 1st 30 mins I'd agree after fleck was magnificent Berge is so calm under pressure and good close control Bournemouth had a plan and the cheating feigning injury pushing screaming I think united deserved it mousett is just electric
  13. Well sadly according to some so called drivers were not I was at crystal peaks 3 buses were missing and one turned into a different number a lady asked the driver of she could find out the next one he was rude and obnoxious.
  14. Apparently it can't be racist according to some people
  15. Well Jurgen klopp had and he has been well k own one of the best young talents in Europe
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