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  1. not suprised you dont agree lets face it if it was the other way around it would be
  2. its the way students unions are going its not the first time and wont be the last its racist but the leftys wont say that
  3. are we suprised sheffield misses out with this backwards council
  4. Like other towns do Sheffield isn't car friendly like it or not planner in fact it harms theatres etc with car parking It was size of a shed and was so mall and to expensive wasn't viable and guess what cost millions to build and sold off for 1 pound
  5. Narrow minded have a look what hammerson iaid etc but many reasons
  6. Get rid of this council get decent shops etc there's loads to be done
  7. why are you so arrogant? is it the wednesday way
  8. you really cant help yourself yet again posting drivel
  9. Try movi g to a new property signed up for direct debit that was due to go out every two weeks on the wife's pay day so didn't go go out so left it a few days and it still hadn't gone I was Informed it hadn't even been set up at all
  10. bash street do u a favour and go from this thread your getting boring now
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