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  1. ormester

    The derby!

    Calling United dirty is laughable
  2. ormester

    The derby!

    We got sucked into playing the wrong way I love the way wendesday fans think it wasn't a penalty.
  3. ormester

    The derby!

    My thoughts we didn't do the basics right Wednesday are nearly as poor as even I saw them at the lane yes they had the best chance but when mcgoldtick came on we looked like we could nick it
  4. ormester

    The derby!

    Difference is this time Wednesday will come at us and it falls in to our hands no sitting back Wednesday fans might not agree we're a good team and on Monday I'm confident of a 3-1 Blades win Sharp. Madine. Bashan. Fletcher
  5. ormester

    weather forecasts

    manchester is the most rainy city in the uk
  6. ormester

    Sheffield then and now

    sheffield nightlife was one of best in country now its rubbish
  7. ormester

    Swans vs Blades

    difficult game but winnable we owe swansea one prediction blades 2-1
  8. ormester

    Brookes a wanted man

    35 percent sell on
  9. ormester

    The will to win-the blades have it..

    a leeds fans said we were overated stats dont lie i told him big games coming up now 19 to go 35 40 points will take 2nd place
  10. ormester

    Blades v q p r.

    id like to see what steve mclaren was on saying they caused us trouble where
  11. ormester

    The will to win-the blades have it..

    the midfield is in my eyes best in league thats the big plus sharp and mgoldrick madine to come in egan and joc are rocks at the back and hendo is pure quality
  12. ormester

    The will to win-the blades have it..

    i said if we can get 4 points out of next 2 ill be happy 4 games 11 goals 1 conceded
  13. ormester

    Hull v owls

    read someowhere a premier club has sounded bullen out about a coachs job in premier
  14. ormester

    Blades v q p r.

    when i heard we were going for him i was over the moon always rated mcgoldrick even though he did turn us down in the past

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