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  1. Been better at the new arena in Manchester
  2. Quite surprised Sheffield isn't in the red when temps are forecasted to hit 39 on Tuesday
  3. Unless the council start doing something to attract shops it won't be worth going I would have thought Sheffield will be the first on 20 smaller jl like they promised I agree partly with that about the lyceum not been able to take big shows Limited in doing much to it Sheffield was having a purpose built theatre where gullies is now in the yes project but its crying out for a decent sized theatre for amdrams too
  4. You don't get it it's not just about the game I the world cup there was buying flags everywhere now the police are threatening to fine people You mean because the wokes dint like it Who's the home of football
  5. It will I warned people the streets will be going crazy the council have drained the fountains the council is becoming a no fun council It's a bit different now it's OK the council are the biggest scumbags anyway We are becoming a country of killjoys very very sad
  6. It's a football match you just answered my question there and Your complete ignorance never lost Your arrogance too have You lol .
  7. You saying council bashing you are more tory than anyone here Hold on so it's the biggest thing that will happen in the UK this year I bet Italy have screens It is because of woke people who are clueless wake up people
  8. Of cause there at fault there argument is dumbfounded each in a pub most are booked the council don't know Football brings back the feel good factor Exactly well said let's see if it happens after the outcry
  9. Just read Sheffield Council won't have a big screen personally a complete joke it shows how far behind the times we are Biggest Thing to happen to England in football since 1966 and the city we live in won't do anything embarrassing
  10. Sheffield United want it I believe
  11. Exactly tell me then what have Sheffield scc done done for the city why do you think they are talking to John Lewis to try and sort a deal . They puss footed around hammerson went to Leeds they are useless
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