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  1. gleadless valley is big place tagging all of it is unfair but i must admit i moved in march best move we made the council decide to put druggies in a block that was very good before it went downhill fast
  2. ormester

    For Sale - Top flight football club.

    oh hear we go cheap shots by wednesday fans
  3. ormester

    Bus Strikes in Sheffield

    Get I the real world unite all they do is try and strike and cause trouble remember the last strike wasn't there something like any more strikes and first would lose the contract?
  4. ormester

    Local elections 2 May 2019

    is that your opinion though to be far left is no better than far right and that what corbyn is
  5. ormester

    Local elections 2 May 2019

    julie bore is a shocking leader to lead the party along with the rest of the cronies
  6. ormester

    Blades Transfer Rumours - 19/20

    7 m is snatch your hands off
  7. ormester

    Local elections 2 May 2019

    at sheffield the people aresaying noto the rubbish services provided the arrogance of labour councillors they either look up or lose majority at last
  8. ormester

    Local elections 2 May 2019

    lets kick this rubbish out of our city Labour are ruining sheffield fact
  9. ormester

    Hull v Blades

    Brentford is very tough to get a win Villa Next for Leeds
  10. ormester

    The derby!

    Calling United dirty is laughable
  11. ormester

    The derby!

    We got sucked into playing the wrong way I love the way wendesday fans think it wasn't a penalty.
  12. ormester

    The derby!

    My thoughts we didn't do the basics right Wednesday are nearly as poor as even I saw them at the lane yes they had the best chance but when mcgoldtick came on we looked like we could nick it
  13. ormester

    The derby!

    Difference is this time Wednesday will come at us and it falls in to our hands no sitting back Wednesday fans might not agree we're a good team and on Monday I'm confident of a 3-1 Blades win Sharp. Madine. Bashan. Fletcher
  14. ormester

    weather forecasts

    manchester is the most rainy city in the uk
  15. ormester

    Sheffield then and now

    sheffield nightlife was one of best in country now its rubbish

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