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  1. It worries me that so many people actually believe that independant garages 'do the same job' as main dealers. No doubt that their customer service is more personal than a large dealership - and for simple jobs such as services they are probably ok. But for technical diagnosis, how on earth could a small independant garage have as much technical experience on a particular model as a main dealer who's techs work on nothing but Renault all day long, and are trained by Renault - not a Haynes manual? The main dealers also have access to tech info directly from the manufacturer - not Internet forums! I've worked for a main dealer for over 20 years (I'm a Master Tech) and have lost count of the amount of jobs we have had from independents who have promised beyond their ability and have had to come to us with their tails between their legs - or the amount of phones calls we get asking for information. They would, no doubt, add our charges to their own. Most main dealer techs are well trained and regularly tested indendently (I have 2 assessments a year from the IMI and manufacturer in order to maintain ATA Diagnostic Technician and ensure I'm up to date with current technology). How many independants have their technical ability independantly tested? Main dealers are not perfect - but with their training, experience and support from the manufacturer, they stand much more of a chance of solving your problem quickly and accurately!
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