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  1. well i do hope the swan has started to do proper cooked food now and not two minute ding dings like it did a couple of years ago !!
  2. yes the old harrow has now shut and is going to be another indian restaurant....what a shame was a good pub in the 70's and 80's but has always had a reputation for trouble i expect others will disagree but i saw enough fights there and stopped my occasional visits years ago
  3. well well chicken G.......so you have been accused of taking the "michael".....omg is it true then ? do you know the person doing the cooking....you must tell us and then you can get your free pint seeing as you didn't turn up for it last week not that it really matters if you are having a joke with a mate as it sounds as if he really can cook or does he buy a takeaway and pass it off as his own !!! ask for the recipe or get him to name some ingredients ha ha
  4. Anything they do with the cutlers can't make it any worse than it was, admitedly it was a great place in the 80's early 90's but it died a slow death after that. sorry but it was a total and utter mess, no wonder people didn't want to drink there, unfortunately the same can be said about the bagshawe and what a great place that used to be....shame shame shame.....they will be satisfied when all our "locals" have gone, which won't be long if they keep on with the price increases. oh dear!!
  5. it's ok CG sorry had to put something, i am a very opinionated person and interested in what other people think, take no notice of the sad comments made by others....if you like it what the hell does it matter.! We're not all computer buffs and live our lives around data and inititial shortening for words! yeah i know the pub as i know most, been around the trade for years but haven't been in the rose for awhile...may just call in now though - on a friday that is lol if i don't make it let me know how you go on
  6. Thanks simonj......yes i nodded and there is someone in there lol sorry if i'ma bit slow on the uptake of the lingo on here !! only have one comment to make to that ghost rider....course the owner of the pub works there ... she's the Landlady dehhhhhhhh...........
  7. I know that it was advertised that the Bridge was doing fine dining and a couple of people said that they had been, but are they still doing it and have they got anything special on for valentines day?
  8. sorry but i have read the threads removed and feel you are taking this removal too far..perhaps it would be best all round if it was closed as obviously some people can't bear to hear the truth can they.....
  9. .after sitting here reading everyone's comments for a few weeks i am finding it hard to understand why the moderator seems to think that people are speculating and spreading malicious gossip about the landlord and his family. it seems to me that people are just stating their own experiences of visits to the place and are quite entitled to their say, i haven't read anything that i would consider unfit to be on here and can only wonder if the comments that have been removed have been done so on someones say so. ....someone that is or has something to do with the place concerned..!! if these comments are considered liable to be removed then i suggest the moderator should take a look at other threads concerning landlords and landladies of pubs which have been written by people who have been malicious gossips and in some places down right insultive .....why have they not been removed?? and in answer to the question of where are the clique and sportscar brigade now ..it seems that they move about and have gone from the ridgeway arms to the phoenix to the bridge and now are at the devonshire arms. unfortunately there has been a few landlords and landladies that have run the bridge who seem to think they can be the duke and duchess of ridgeway and have fell foul as it doesn't work that way...!!
  10. sos if i took your comment the wrong way just sick of these holding and other companies such as enterprise etc ruining our pubs, no one seems to know what a local is anymore, what a shame..
  11. you either understand the condition or you don't unfortunately
  12. all tthe big pubs that have been turned into restaurants all seem to be paying off, no one seems to be interested in a local any more like it used to be, so yeah the past does hold good info pity it can't follow through to now
  13. don't know you but have you got a clue what you aer talking about, have you ever worked for a brewery or a holding company?? if not you have no idea of the **** that faces you when you take one of these failing pubs on. it's nothing to do with how it used to be times move on sure but unfortunately the pub trade doesn't move with it and as for the new landlord/landlady who's that !! someone that's gonna move in after the couple in now have worked to get it back up and running just to be moved on to another to do exactly the same again. enterprise are con merchants as are all the others...
  14. looks like we've finally got some heating on at last and there's no longer fumes from the heaters, does anyone know what's happening to the place. are we going to end up with an indian restaurant opening there, mind you on saying that could do with a decent indian local.
  15. too right...!!!...... think we should re name the ball after Roadhouse, i know patrick swayze is no longer with us, bless him, but i believe wade garret will be interested in the job at the "Double Deuce", lol
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