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  1. Mod note For quotes please repost in the classifieds under "jobs". Thanks
  2. Mac plastering just finishing off a large scale rendering job, good attention from start to finish, made a few trips across Sheffield to check with us to make sure everything was right, even made up some samples. He's finishing tomorrow and can recommend he's worth getting in for a quote if you have a large scale rendering job.
  3. I'm thinking of having my house rendered and reckon its about 120m2. The thing is I dont want to paint it so probably need a flexible permanent finish such as monocouche or a synthetic. just wondering what sort of experiences people have had and what sort of price per m2 people have paid.
  4. Thanks all, thats been helpful (especially the head ache part!) looks like ebay's going to be the best source then? No one in sheffield does it at a decent rate?
  5. Hi, I've been having a look at garage floor paints and the 2 part epoxy resin paint looks the most hard wearing, I cant find it at the normal DIY shops and dont want the leyland stuff from screwfix as the reviews say it peels under a reaction with the tyres. Anyone know where to pick this paint up?
  6. Half way through a job with RF joinery, great work and attention to detail, even fixed something that my 2 year old managed to break! He's worked until 7 tonight, fair price as well.
  7. Just had a quick look on streetview, is the metal dealer called emr? cheers
  8. None taken. Reading it back I can see why! It's just accumulated over a few years and we are having a clear out.
  9. Hi, I've had some work done on my house and have a copper water tank, some lead and a catalytic converter to weigh in. Where is the best scrapper the sell these to? Whats the going rate on a water tank and a catalytic converter these days? cheers
  10. Anyone recommend a good dentist, I have a list from the dental helpline, but the reviews are poor for those dentists. Anyone know of a good dentist taking on patients?
  11. top job rocky1 cheers! I will be "chatting" to my neighbours around chucking rubbish down the drain!
  12. cheers rocky1. sounds great! can you mail me a contact number as I can't send mail's out of this forum for some reason.
  13. cheers all I have put a job in with dynorod for tomorrow. A little more expensive than £60 but with what I saw when I was rodding the drain I'll pay someone a little more!
  14. Anyone recommend me a bloke to clear my outside drain. I have had drain rods on it from both directions and cant find the source of the blockage, and does anyone know the rough cost? Cheers
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