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  1. hi are you still knitting the twiddle muffs ? my aunty used to make a lot of them and when she recently passed away i got all her stuff, button, bells ribbon etc and was wondering if you could use it thanks lynne
  2. hi Most of my Mum's side of the family were from Darnall, I'm trying to get some help with locating any photos of Gladstone Street. My mum Margaret , her sister Joyce and my Nan Margaretta Pullen lived in various houses around Darnall , my grandad Joe Pullen died very young and my Nan remarried and went to live on Oliver's Mount with her husband Wil Bladen who was an insurance sales man. My mum is now 82 and remembers good times at Gladstone street , does anybody remember them or have any photos that I could print to show my mum ?? any help much appreciated thanks Lynne
  3. I'm looking for anyone who remembers this surgery as my childhood records from birth to about 8 were never sent on to my next doctor as I was told there was a fire which destroyed everything. can anyone tell me if this is correct
  4. well tandoori/tikka chicken and onion bajis went down well... nothing left after 10mins.! to all the sceptics and bad commenters on this thread....WHERE were you !! you missed out big time and i don't understand how you can comment when you haven't even been in the place the friday night crowd love it so we don't care
  5. yep that's right spicy curried meatballs and chicken saag....maybe if ur lucky some bombay potatoes...!! come on george/gerald whatever your name is..where are you ??? nice to see you back John Henry.. are you coming to test them out then ? lol
  6. well what a difference of opinions..!! firstly may I apologise for no food tonight, just had a fitted kitchen put in so unless you want sawdust curry then it was best not to this week. things will be back as norm next friday. We frequent the club regularly and all the lads know that my hubby makes curries as most of them have had them off him, amongst other things that we make between us. The food has NOTHING what so ever to do with Nicky and Rob, they just agreed to let us bring it in, which was very kind of them, why have you got it in for them when they are only trying to run a business ?? There are some people making comments on here that i do believe know us and if you are so interested in thinking that this was done for advertising purposes then you should show your face on a friday and put your point over to the people concerned or haven't u got the b--ls! we shall see..............
  7. Oh and by the way ..Iam not stupid, my husband is not stupid, nor are the customers that use the rose and nobody is trying to make anybody else look stupid, you should get a grip and think about what you are saying, the only person that is going to come out looking stupid is you if these comments carry on, they are not helpful at all just demeaning to the nicki and rob to think that they would go solow as to try and con people by putting on "fake" posts. No I am not happy !!!!!!!!
  8. What a horrible thing to put,you obviously don't know anything about what's been happening in the rose, Nicki and Rob, the landlord and landlady are good decent people trying to make a living and have nothing to do with these posts. Yes they have read them and find it all very amusing, as we do, all the more because it is my husband doing the cooking. The food thing has been going on for a while as my husband had to pack up work to look after me due to an illness i have, he took up cooking for a hobby and just loves making food for his friends. He has done this for years and hope he carries on doing so, but it is people like you making comments like that, making him think he is doing it for some illgotten reason, that will put him off . He isn't a chef he just likes to dabble and what's wrong with that.. and if it can bring a bit of trade to the pub then so what.. we had a pub many years ago and i know how hard the trade is, even without all the changes made in recent years, it takes over your life like any business does and i know because it made us fight a long hard battle that we lost due to overbearing circumstances and a crap brewery as landlord.. You may not have meant the comments to be hurtful but quite frankly they are! Like John Henry says don't make assumptions unless you have been there yourself, this is not some dark devious way to get people in the place..just friends enjoying the company and yes, the food. my only wish is that Chicken G would come over and meet us as he is to blame for all this as he started off the thread..NOT US !!!!!!!!!
  9. Oh dear Chicken G you missed the onion bahjis and aloo chops ...they went down great and the rose smelt like a curry house.... You tatting for some cake then John Henry ? better get an order in..lol What will we be having next friday ????? any suggestions people...what would you like ??/
  10. Takeaway ....you must be joking...if you think that you want to come around to my house ,,there are about 100 jars of spices and the place smells permenantly like a curry house..!!! when we first moved here the neighbours thought we had opened a takeaway on the back garden....even david blunket could find this place by following the smell lol Seems this friday couls well be the "argy bahji" night with yoghurt mint sauce come and try those ..
  11. I was at Ashleigh from 1975-1980, my mum worked in the 6th form centre and i remember most of the teachers and some of the ones missed like Miss Reek, the sports teacher ... my friends were louise hill,louise brown,tracey clayton,tracey waite,dawn housam, the lads in my class were pete and andy howarth,ian hill, nigel cox, wayne hinchcliffe to name a few my mum and dad still live at townend on the same house i went to muston a few times, even went as one of the cooks a couple of times,but i thought the couple's name was Mr and Mrs Cross, i remember he was a lifeboat volunteer, a lovely couple. yes Mr Tinglei remember you very well, you was a very kind,fair man and my time at Ashleigh was great, i left with 9 o'levels,3 cse's and a 16+ soi didn't do bad....thanks to all my teachers. the youthclub and the set dances we used to do at the time were great fun and i miss so many people great memories
  12. Ok that's it now...come on Chicken G tell us who you are......i know that your taking the michael and i know it's one of our friends but the games up now as you didn't arrive last night did you..... what a shame cos my hubby had made loads of samosas and curry and nicki the landlady was even offering a free pint but no show.......wonder why!! just in answer to the other comments, the food isn't laced with salt and is made because my hubby loves cooking for his friends ..that's all there is to it. it's nothing to do with drumming up trade for the landlady, she is quite capable of doing that herself and if she wanted could have advertised the fact that they were doing £2 a pint early bar ages ago. back to you Chicken G when we going to see you !! lol
  13. Valley Cruisers Car Club have been asked to come out of retirement to help organise a show in aid of the local St John's ambulance in Eckington village. The show is to take place on Sunday 10th July and all will be welcome- classic/American cars,bikes, scooters etc. If you are interested you can contact us via the forum or at slatervalleycruiserssheff@hotmail.co.uk we are hoping for enthusiasts and anyone wanting to show or place a stall will contact us so that we can get the show on the road. we are also looking for sponsers to provide raffle prizes which would help us out a great deal thanks for looking and hope to hear from you:|
  14. The bradway, well what can you say,when all is said and done and everyone has had their moan or praise, it's a pub and all pubs are struggling at the moment. It's not all to do with the managers and how they look, act,dress etc etc etc. the plain and simple truth is that we have been and still are in a recession and ordinary people just can't afford to go out on a regular basis with the price of drinks. I' ve been in the trade myself and wouldn't touch another pub with a barge pole the way things are and i have a lot of friends that are still in pubs and can't wait to get out, there is just no living in it now like there used to be. Who ever takes on a lease or tenancy now, deserves to be supported as it is very hard work but may stand to lose a lot of money and those who work for the holding companies should be praised for keeping the places open and trying to make it work, but there should also be some stricter rules laid down for that as well because from what i can see they don't get treated very well. it's allright saying we will do what ever you want to get you back into your local,but that's not solving the issue of cost of drinks and food to people is it, i hope it goes well for all involved and the last managers, who i got to know quite well and are upset by some of the comments on this thread, they tried too but if the clientel isn't there all your effort is wasted, isn't it, that's one of the many reasons they left amongst others and yes left NOT sacked. the only solution is keep the prices down and offer what others don't and don't expect miracles.... goodluck bradway lets hope it works out
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