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  1. The movies have resolution rates of 1920 x 1080, when they're played off a USB stick on my 42" TV they look fine. Perhaps it is the screen, which is a shame because on games it looks absolutely fine ---------- Post added 12-10-2014 at 20:02 ---------- I'll give it a whirl, thanks I always thought (although unfounded) that HDMI > DVI ? Thanks
  2. I recently upgraded my PC to cope with some high graphics/video demands: This is my Monitor Connected via HDMI to: My Graphics Card System is i5, 8GB Ballistix RAM etc. so you'd think that this should be enough to cope with HD Video playback, but it's not. Videos are often blurry, a little pixelated and grainy. I am guessing there needs to be some tweaking done in the ATI Catalyst Centre but I don't know where to start. Anybody had this problem and/or know how to solve it/ Thanks
  3. I'm currently in the process of buying PC parts for a mid range gaming custom build. I have settled on an Intel i5 4400 (Haswell compatible) CPU and was going to keep things intel/nvidia, but I have just seen this offer on a Radeon 270x which looks tasty; http://www.amazon.co.uk/Sapphire-Du...dp_proddesc_0?ie=UTF8&n=340831031&s=computers Would this GFX Card work in harmony with an Intel i5 processor? Or should I choose one breed and stick by it?
  4. Hi tzijlstra Thank you for the response. Yes it is for an SME, so something very much down the open source or cheap subscription based service would be ideal. I've had a good look at SUGAR, which I have used before and could quite do the job. The crux is that we can store customer info, create quotes, convert to orders, create a delivery note from the order, and keep all that info safe. If anyone knows of/uses something like that i'd love to take a look at it because there are a lot of crm tools out there.
  5. I'm hoping one of you good, database wizard sf'ers will be able to help me. I am currently looking at implementing a CRM system into a business that currently has nothing in place at the moment. I understand you need a great deal of detail in order to draft an effective solution, but I won't bore on. The brief is: - The business does have a lot of activity in terms of buying in / selling materials on a daily basis. There doesn't need to be a stocking system, but ideally something that can manage basic expenditure and income. - The system should be able to export and print delivery tickets, either as word documents or pdf's. - Have basic customer information: name, address, shipping address, contact names, email, order history, quotes etc. I appreciate this might not be sufficient enough info to recommend a definite solution, but even some info for a complete (out of his depth) noob to get started or system recommendations would be great.
  6. It's been a while since I last upgraded my PC, but I think it is definitely due an upgrade. The problem is that technology has changed so much since I have done it i'm not completely abreast of the PC Gaming do's/dont's. So I have a few questions. 1. Intel or AMD? I know this will spark respective fan debate, but what am I best going for? It seems that the I5/I7 route is what I am going for but AMD are doing similar specs at much lesser price. Is there a distinct advantage of going CI5/CI7? 2. GFX Card I don't want to be shelling out hundreds of pounds on a GFX card, but something that can run upto date games (Skyrim, BF3, New CS) fairly well. Again, in the past I was always in favour of the Nvidia cards, but are there any good cards from Radeon that are around £150 you'd recommend? I also want to be able to watch Hi Def movies from my PC (installing a Blu-Ray drive down the line) so also need to factor HD output in. 3. SSD Is running an SSD for applications/OS and an old SATA2 for storage good practice? Are there any hidden specs I should be wary of when choosing an SSD (aside from capacity)? 4. Motherboard Again, what detailed specs should I look out for in a Mobo that I want to run decent graphics?
  7. I did my first outdoor around dam flask (2 laps) yesterday so im in, how many are registered so far?
  8. If u ladies are wanting a pamper party in the day or night, i recommend Natalie (La Belleza). She and her assistant did my gfs last night n they had a right good night. guna book a suprise 1 for my sis.
  9. Can anyone recommend an App which is an alarm clock but will alarm even if the phone is switched off? I tried a developed App today but it didn't go off, luckily I woke up for woke early! Also, im getting annoyed with the battery life and its only 1 day in! Can anyone recommend an app/configuration to make it stretch longer then a day?
  10. Me too, but my initial sceptism was gone when 30 seconds into the show Gervais asked him if he was alright and Pilkington, in typical fashion, replied "Yeaaah, im alright yeah". I was also worried this programme would suffer because he would have to try and act out his persona where as via podcast it comes across genuine. But he truly is a idiot round headed manc.
  11. turkey isnt in the EU so they wudnt even touch me without my travel insurance documents
  12. yeah mine is the same as dudan, they wanted me to go back for another check, and a scan and mentioned operations so i didnt go back, but my insurance company said i was gettin charged for having the scan.
  13. went on holiday to turkey recently, i had some problems so ended up going to see the hotel nurse who ordered me a hospital taxi to take me to the hospital. there i gave them my travel insurance info. the doctor saw me and gave me a prescription for 3 things. i was then told that i owed 67euros for them looking at me and that i had to pay it as my excess on travel insurance was £150. i paid this and paid for my prescription myself. i was meant to go back 4 days later for a check up which i never went to as i didnt wanna pay the bill again myself. i have now been back for 3 weeks and my insurance has been in touch saying they have recieved bills for medical expenses from turkey for 220 euros: 30 for the hospital taxi 90 for the doctors time 90 for my treatments (i didnt go back to the hospital again for treatments) so now i have to pay my £150 excess for them to sort this. DOES THIS SOUND RIGHT? why did i have to pay that 67euros in the hospital when they must have know then i wud have to pay the other things that make it more then £150 excess anyways? any sensible advice/ comments would be appreciated (and stupidly i have lost the reciept for 67 euros and the prescription)
  14. does anyone know who has the building contract to regenerate park hill flats? and when its starting?
  15. Hi is woodhouse workout gym still open? if so does anyone have any details or a contact number
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