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  1. I lived in Handsworth since 1981 and shop in Meadowhall, Crystal Peaks, Rotherham or Barnsley city centres when required. The parking costs have always been extortionate in Sheffield I haven't been in the town centre since 1999. I know they moved the market and now virtually closed it due to the minimal people visiting the Moor, due to no real parking and too many empty shops (Stupidly high rates). Sheffield Councils Chief executive are morons with their snouts firmly in the money. Highways & Planning Offices are run by Cowboys who's only required qualifications are: a dislike of cars, tourists and shoppers. love push bikes, potholes and traffic cones and have no idea on traffic management.
  2. Me and the wife try to get away at least once a month with the caravan, stopped on some good sites also stopped on many poor sites it would be great to discuss good/bad site knowledge on a local forum.
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