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  1. Company called Ancient Wisdom, they’ve confirmed it on their website. Hope they recover
  2. I don’t agree with sweeping statements such as this. However, you’re not totally wrong 😉
  3. I don’t understand why people have to be told by the government or health advisors on what to do? Common sense is also an option. Take precautions, get your elderly and / or vulnerable relatives to take precautions. OAPs being in isolation doesn’t mean no one can go and see them, you can visit and take supplies. Be cautious if it makes you feel better, keep a safe distance, don’t hug / kiss etc. If you feel unwell or they do, don’t visit. There’s simply no need for some of the hysteria that’s around ATM. Yes be worried, I’m worried for my vulnerable relatives, but be calm and be sensible. My daughter says some of Sainsbury’s shelves are bare, specifically pasta and long life stuff. Next weekend they’ll be stocked again but this is of little use to people who literally shop day to day and can’t stockpile.
  4. Exactly. Did people forget to get an MOT every year too?
  5. You cannot ‘pass on the tax’ if you sell or buy a second hand car. That’s been the case since tax discs were abolished.
  6. I’m looking for somewhere to store a caravan North Sheffield. I notice a new one at Deepcar, got price for it just wondering if anything else was out there? I know of Oughtibridge and Parkway.
  7. We have Our Cow Molly milk delivered from hillsborough dairy, for the same price as other bottled milk. You can’t get fresher / better milk than that produced just a few miles away.
  8. I would assume you’d need to point your TV aerial to the relevant transmitter?
  9. Ok. Stupid question. if you have 2 channels for 1 broadcast (example bbc news and bbc news HD) why not close down the SD version? Surely by now the vast majority have HD TVs and if they don’t they can still watch the HD channel but won’t get the benefit of a sharper picture. Or is it more technical?
  10. The club announced last week that the restrictions would remain in place for last Saturday’s game. They have a meeting with the council this week to try to come to some agreement going forward
  11. I’ll hazard a guess - he installed front and rear cameras so as to show off to his friends his driving ‘skills’. maybe
  12. I was a prison officer for 3 years at Doncaster Prison, for what it matters?
  13. In no way am I defending the driver here, but throwing away the key for an error of judgement like that? Yes he was wrong, yes he’s paid a penalty - maybe 16 months wasn’t long enough but still........
  14. Carson on West Street? Stationers / printers near Rockingham St Actually, have they closed down?
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