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  1. Hi! I hope you're all well? Has anyone got an allotment on Park Rifles (or even better - on their committee)? I previously a few years ago had an allotment on Manor Park site, but it kept getting robbed so we gave it up. Just wondering if Park Rifles is any better.... Thanks! x
  2. It costs £200 for a quote from the management company... I'm just trying to find someone who's recently done this to see if its worth my while...
  3. Hey guys, My partner & I recently bought a house on Manor Lane (S2) and it has a lease of 98 years remaining under the Duke of Norfolk. We've looked into it and if the lease drops below 75 years, it becomes difficult to mortgage. We've looked into buying it, but we've been told its over £200 just for a quote!!! Has anyone bought their freehold from the Duke of Norfolk and what was the cost - just so we can get a ballpark figure... Thanks in advance xx
  4. Hey all! I'm looking to buy a wet suit as I'm taking part in the 5k Great North Swim next year... As I'm 6'2 (and female) I need a shop to try them on as I'd never be able to buy one off of the internet.... Any help? Thanks x
  5. Oh my! That's mental!!! We'll if I find any where I'll be sure to let you know....
  6. Thank you! I'm trying to avoid, however, tarmacked areas as one of my dogs had a racing injury (hence the retirement) and has had an amputated toe so he gets corns and limps on hard ground.... But we do have a shoe for him which we can use.
  7. Hey guys, Weird one... I've adopted 2 ex racing greyhounds a few months back, but their prey drive is so strong that they can't be let off of the lead. I have an ok sized garden which the love to run up and down, but in hindsight, it's too small for them. They get walked twice a day so not neglected with exercise, but I'm looking for a field that's fenced off or a paddock so I can let them off for a run a couple of time a week... I'm willing to pay a small fee for my babies but I can't afford anything too expensive. It will literally be half an hour, twice a week. Any help? Thanks! Rebecca xx
  8. Will do first thing when we walk our 2 dogs. We're off on holiday tomorrow, so can't keep him any longer than the lining, but I will put the wardens number on the poster so people who know to call! Please spread the word though...
  9. Hi guys, The fella and I were out walking our pooches when we came across a stray old dog. Looks like a staffy/lab/terrier cross, but can't be sure. He's white with big black patches. He has a small growth on his head by his right ear, a slight limp when walking and a greying face due to age. He seems very friendly, but skittish at first. We have contacted the dog warden who will be collecting him tomorrow morning. Until then, he's nice and comfy in our kitchen with food and water. If your recognise him please get intouch. Pictures can be found on my Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/giantalbino Thanks! ---------- Post added 18-08-2013 at 22:35 ---------- Forgot to add we found him wondering around the grounds of Manor Lodge, Manor Lane, Sheffield, S2.
  10. anyone reckon I've missed the season for picking? if not, where can I find them? I've been swampted with work before.... x
  11. A band renowned for playing everywhere but actual music venues is making an exception or two and paying us here at The Leadmill a much anticipated visit on 26the October 2011. They will be debuting both their latest female addition, viola and keyboard player, Abi Fry and their 2011 album ‘Valhalla Dancehall’. Said to be the standout album from their previous four, it encompasses sweeping epic guitar pop with quirky idiosyncratic noises and instruments synchronized in bold jolting melodies. This Brighton based band will be bringing a breath of that fresh sea air to the muggy minds of the inner city. Date :: 26th October Price :: £12.50 Time :: 7:30pm Age :: 14+ Tickets available here :: http://www.leadmill.co.uk/whats-on/gigs/british-sea-power
  12. oooo! please update when someone gets a bumper harvest!
  13. did you have any look with this? Would love to take my neice next weekend if you've found a good spot...
  14. Just got given one by my mum that we used when i was really young....any idea where in sheffield I could get this done?
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