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  1. I am looking to go on holiday somewhere, im not really too fussed where as long as its inside the UK. Preferably as cheap as possible. Me and my boyfriend just want to get away for a weekend. So any suggestions or if you know of any cheap B&B's it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. please help me before i go insane!! Just need some simple instructions, been trying for the last 3-4 hours
  3. I got it off ebay for about 3-4 pounds, its all brand new but i just cant figure out how it pieces together and ive looked everywhere online and its driving me insane now, im in Dore.
  4. Or does anyone have one of these and can take a photo of how the handle is fitted together, i know how everything fits together its just the spring, i cant figure out what position this needs to be in!
  5. I have Indesit WD10 washing machine, i broke the handle off it and i have ordered a new handle kit which i have now got but i have no instructions as to how to fit the new handle together and i took it apart without taking any photos. I have got the door off but i just cant figure out which way it has to be fitted together, i have tried several ways but they all seem to be wrong. Preferably i want to avoid calling a plumber and fit it myself. Can anyone help? Thanks
  6. Due to personal circumstances i had to move out of my family home and the council put me into interim accomodation. I was getting housing benefit there for around 7 months. Around 3 weeks ago i was given a permanent flat of my own. I have notified the council of my change of address and filled in all the necessary forms. But this morning i was giving a call by the new tenancy department and she said my rent is in arrears of 3 weeks and that is should pay some else i will start to receive nasty letters about this, but i am currently on JSA and the whole idea of me being on this is that i cant afford to pay the rent. Basically i just need some advice on what to do so i can sort this. Thanks.
  7. Kids are kids and they forget things (i.e bus passes) because their minds are so fucoused on the next million things they want to do, doesnt mean they are idiots they are just children! And the bus drives are so grumpy and they are really rude sometimes!
  8. Yeah i have been bidding like crazy on priority places
  9. Im not to sure where littledale is? Yeah you fell really lucky there then!
  10. I agree with this, i am currently getting rehoused by the council and the places in the nice areas are all for people over 50 or 60 which i dont think is fair, i am very quiet and not into any drugs etc. I am only 18 and i dont want to be scared to go out of the house!
  11. Well i have been waiting a good 6 months and i have priority. But still not too sure of areas, Totley is nice and so is Dore, i have a friend who lives there but there is almost no chance of getting one there!
  12. Lol im not a bloke. I have tried that but they dont seem to be much help.
  13. I am White British. I'm only 18 and i dont want to end up on a drug infested estate or something, im very quiet and not into any of that stuff so trying to be careful where i live as i dont want to be scared to go out the house!
  14. I have recently moved here and im not sure of areas, i am getting rehoused by the council but am not sure what are the best areas and what areas to avoid, preferably on the south side of the city as this is where i have friends. Can anyone shed any light? Thanks!
  15. Hi there, i have recently moved to the area and i am looking to make new friends and i love reading, but as i am 18 i could do with being in a club with people of a similar age, does anyone know of any? Thanks!
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