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  1. Yes I know David Parkin, he is married to my sister in law. He is in hospital at the moment having a knee replacement again. He is married with two daughters, one who now lives in America.
  2. Wales is a foreign country as are Scotland and Ireland because they are not England. The welsh speak a language that no one else understands worldwide, scotsmen wear skirts and the irish are yet to be determined.
  3. Fortunately Atheism does not try to convert other religeons to christianity, islam, buddism or anything. We are quite happy to believe in nothing so we have no axe to grind.
  4. According to the problems with out teachers and their apparent inability to speak and spell english then half the people leaving would be english. It seems quite stange that people interview people in remote places who speak excellent english whilst here people spell aitch as haitch.
  5. Why do these people have to tell us that they are new to the Forum, why do they need to be noticed. They can just comment on all the threads as soon as the log on.
  6. I am English, unfortunately British means encompassing lots of countries that were invaded and given status to them by the English. Scotland is a country that even the Romans didn't want to conquer and we know why. Fairy is a good cleansing fluid.
  7. Wales is the most foreign country in the world, they have a language that the government gives money to ensure that the language spoken by 22% are in the north, thats why they never go abroad to England because no one understands them including some of the more enlightened Welsh in the south.
  8. Wales is a Principality of England, that is why the Union flag has the cross of St. George, St. Andrew and St. Patrick. The Welsh tried to " leek " in the " dragon " but it did not work.
  9. Surely all Islamists have to make a profit or their shops will close.
  10. I didn't realise that you were older than me.:hihi:
  11. The door bell went " Dingo " as I dropped my dog end on the floor and crushed it with my Dog Martin boot, then.....................
  12. I used to know the Head Wine Waiter, Amando Nunes Da Silva who lived in Wakefield and had a Messersmidt three wheeler and he used to service his bubble car at the filling station on Barnsley Rd below the Capital cinema. The service station was called, oddly enough, Taylor and Wife who had another filling station in Rotherham.
  13. There she lay upon the bed, a sheet was all she wore, And all around her clothes were scattered on the floor. Sounds like my mates wife.
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