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  1. I was 24, we rented for a couple of years before buying our first house in 1993 for £23,500.
  2. Is that Just Natural? It's twenty five years since Nigel opened his shop.
  3. I've got my children hooked on banana smoothies. A couple of bananas, honey, yogurt and some grated nutmeg, delicious.
  4. Another vote for Specsavers here. Get yourself a lanyard as well because you'll often take them off and put them somewhere you can't remember.
  5. Do you know the make of any of the items lake1? Split cane rods and other vintage tackle can fetch a decent price.
  6. I hope this might help. http://www.worldofchillies.com/index.html
  7. I had Eel for the first time last week and really enjoyed it.
  8. I think he's just having some fun at94. I've posted a link containing the fishery regulations on another thread.
  9. Pig cheek must be a Lincolnshire specialty. I remember seeing it advertised on a board as the days special outside a pub near Market Rasen a few years ago.
  10. I've been told that Perch are very good eating. I've had Zander whilst on holiday in the Loire in France and that was surprisingly good.
  11. How did your trip to the Severn go gums?
  12. There's some nice Oak trees behind the Mi Amigo war memorial in Endcliffe Park.
  13. I really enjoyed watching those clips, thank you for sharing them.
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