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  1. Looking for old school friend, not called ruston these days did live in Handsworth Sheffield
  2. have you com across a george william rivers hoyland who died 1820
  3. the first picture could be Division street
  4. I can remember when it looked like this. It is the roundabout at the bottom of the Moor. To the right is Ecclesall Road, the left is Cemetary Road. The Midland Bank and Sheffield Co Op where Mum bought my school uniform.
  5. 11 o clock mass at St Maries RC church in the city centre On Sundays is in Polish for the Polish community I'm sure the priest would help with the polish history or know some one who does.
  6. I went to school with a girl called Iren Keloggy(think that is how you spell it) her mother was a midwife. Her parents came to sheffield after the war they had been badly treated in a German prisoner of war camp before coming to Brittan. . Her mother had bad scares were they had operated on her. As a girl they took me to all the polish outings one I really liked was dancing to a brass band at Eccelsall Road Polish Club, very happy days
  7. Was it Mrs Hazeltine daughter that died of meningitis in the early seventies
  8. I think I have a photo of the street party we had on Priory for the Queens 25th
  9. The butchers on Wostenholm Road was owned by the husband of the singer Marty Cain. It was a few shops down from the traffic lights.
  10. My mother and step father lived at Priory Terrace, it was Four bed roomed with inside bathroom upstairs just off Sharrow. Yes they pulled down a lot of the little terraced houses to put up the flats but I don't think it improved the area
  11. just wonderd if anyone out there knows him
  12. my great aunt yeonny lickert died there does anyone remember her
  13. I loved whitsunday marching behind the band in my new clothes good days
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