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  1. two that spring to mind: smoothest kid you ever met in yo' life that's why i'm at ya crib chillin' wit yo' wife - majik most any-way if i were gay i'd have to change my name to Dirk or Lew-is. hang out with my mom's hair stylist his name is Kip he's got a lisp he talks like "thith". wear my mother's lingerie learn the songs of Broadway and appreciate Depeche Mode and avant-garde ballet; i wish i was queer, so I could get chicks! - the bloodhound gang
  2. i'm not familiar with the technicalities of speed dating - can someone explain this concept of "mutual matches" to me? does this mean that you spoke to a load of women, and out of that group 6 of them deliberately and consciously instigated communication with you? or does one have to fill out an "attendee synopsis" when one arrives, and a "mutual match" simply means you happen to have a few things in common with someone based on what is written on the cards? with regards to the original question - sid, you say "i might be getting a girlfriend [through speed dating]" in the same way that one might say "i might be getting a car!" after visiting a showroom! you're not shopping for a "mate", sidney.. why do you continually objectify women in such a way?? i think i can honestly say that i have never used the word "misogynist" as much in my life as i do when replying to your threads.. i've just had a brilliant idea (and i'm being serious).. sid, contact a few TV networks and explain (exactly as you would here on the forum) the trouble you have with women.. point them towards this forum, and towards some of your threads.. then see if they are interested in doing a documentary following your foray into speed dating, and other pursuits of romance.. again, i am being deadly serious.. i am so intrigued by your lack of social acumen and regard for basic human respect that i think it warrants genuine interest.. such a program would almost certainly guarantee you female companionship (eventually), and probably a reasonable financial incentive..
  3. i think you need to brush up on your rhyming slang, son lol..
  4. dunno, never watched that in my life! for those who have "lost" (ell oh ell ) interest in the 2nd series - perservere! i too got bored with it mid-season, but it pick up pace around about episode 16 and it's definitely back on track now apparently it just gets better and better between now and the end of the series as well!
  5. none of it's real.. pam woke up and the whole thing is a dream - bobby was never killed!
  6. i've got all of series 1 and 2 (so far) soph, but they're not on DVD - they'll only play on your PC (seeing as i'm guessing you don't have a media centre/modded xbox).. how many episodes have you missed? if it's only a few i guess i could onvert them to DVD for you
  7. i'm just about to watch episode 19 of series 2 series 2 went a bit dull in the middle, but it's defo picking up now it's coming to an end..
  8. the police can't do anything; no crime has been committed.. ebay auctions are not legally binding and cannot be enforced by law.. obviously, if any transaction is entered into (i.e. money/funds change hands) and fraud is committed, then there is potential for police involvement, but even then it is very very unlikely.. why on earth did you wait this long??? i sold some tickets recently, and pestered the winning buyer constantly.. eventually, after about 2 days, she still hadn't come up with the money - so i told her i had no choice but to relist the tickets as the gig date was looming (approx. 4 weeks away at the time).. you should always leave yourself plenty of time for the funds to clear, tickets to be posted, etc.. i'm afraid you have lost out here - and the only "punishment" the winning bidder will be subject to is an unpaid item strike (assuming you follow the tiresome ebay process) and some negative feedback (although then they could do the same to you in return).. sorry to repeat myself but, why on earth did you let it drag on so long?? if you knew a deadline was involved, why didn't you take the initiative and relist them (or make a second chance offer to the next highest bidder)??
  9. the smug feeling of satisfaction you get when you know you've just bought someone the perfect gift.. getting thoroughly wrecked with someone and chatting the night away.. pulling off a quality double-drop without realising it was going to happen when you first cued up the record (especially if you have an audience).. the first, cold beer after work on a warm summer day.. coprophagia.. no, wait - scratch that last one lol
  10. if i'm understanding you correctly (which, as others have pointed out, isn't the easiest thing to do) - you want to compile a list of local ebay sellers, so that you can use them in preference to national ones, thus presenting the opportunity of collecting goods rather than paying p&p fees? it would be a waste of time.. you can already narrow your search down to a specific postcode area, so every time you search you can be sure the results are from local people.. yup, i do it with some of my auctions.. ebay takes a cut of whatever the final auction value is.. however, this doesn't include p&p fees.. so, if i intend to sell something for £6.00, i will very often put the item value at £0.99 and then £4.99 postage.. any sensible buyer would see what was happening, and will not mind.. whichever way you do it, the buyer ends up paying the same - it's just that this way ebay doesn't rinse you for your final value fee
  11. lol aw, thanks it's annoying that this forum doesn't allow inline images, innit..
  12. i don't think that was directed at you savannah, don't fret i made a post about the negative side of practicing onanism in the bath which was pulled, so i assume it was that! apologies all round..
  13. true dat.. mentioning no names *cough*bassman*cough* stamina; now there's a good bloke proper nice geezer, and can flex his skills without getting in the way of the music..
  14. i don't see how a celebrity having one is in any way some kind of endorsement?? especially a waste of carbon like victoria mingham.. if y'all read my post (a couple before this one) you'll see i've just had a big old rant on how i hate the v3 (aka razr) and motorolas in general!
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