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  1. there is somthing seriously wrong with whoever did this and i hope it haunts them for ever!!!!!!. this is how serial killers start out tourtering innocent animals.
  2. its not just peak times i catch daily to woodhouse and never run to time table. They are either early and then spend 5/10 min in woodhouse village having a cig or reading newspaper or there is one missing. didnt buses use to wait at bus stops if they were early so they did run to the table at the next stop? This bus route is a joke!!!
  3. united carpets attercliffe used them in my last and current home never had any problems and good quality laminate
  4. posting for my mum 3 bedroom house newcross way woodhouse lovely road,next road down from stradbrook road, houses bought either side wanting a 2 bedroom house or a 1 or 2 bedroom bungalow richmond/stradbrook or woodhouse
  5. too much sun and cheap booze no doubt! there are some real classy folk on severnside! feel sorry for the good people on there.
  6. we had it when new neighbour moved in but same again always started at 7pm at night drilling ect i move myself in a week so lets hope their new neighbours show the same kindness ha ha
  7. its both gas hobs and electric oven but my hubby a electrician so just the gas and there is no way i would do it myself
  8. hi im moving and as you can see from the title i need my cooker disconnecting and then connecting at the new property. im in need of qoutes and reccomendations asap thank you
  9. has really gone down hill these last few years to the point where there is at least 1 property a week availble on the property shop, usually on severnside estate .its a real shame as i really use to like it here but not no more
  10. thanks for that will phone first thing
  11. phoning council in morning they moved the bloody morans here they can clear their mess! and who knows why people like that do this stuff maybe they should open a chav testing centre show them objects,see how they react!
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