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  1. I started my apprenticeship as a plumber with the PWD at Worthing road depot in August 1957, and never had any problems. No long stands no sky hooks nothing.
  2. A Kid For Two Farthings. Diana Dors. The Cruel Sea. Jack Hawkins. Above Us The Waves. The Sea shall Not Have Them. Cocle Shelll Heroes. Colditz The wooden horse. Srelag 17.
  3. Saturday night and Sunday morning. Albert Finny.
  4. 1957,SCPWD Worthing Road depot.Apprentice plumber. 46 1/2 hour week. 2pound 10 shillings.
  5. Lace up footballs with the bladder inside.My grandmother's house on Granville St,Park.She had gas lights. No electicity. A wireless powered by a wet cell battery.
  6. Just go for it. I emigrated on my own, as a ten pound pom.
  7. Sorry, cancel the post above.It was Derrick longley.
  8. Hi, is your name Barry Longley? Organizer of milk supplies at Hurlfield boys 1957.
  9. The Devil Inside. Load of rubbish. Total wast of money.
  10. I think it was the window cleaners that had the pointy ladders.Lamp men had a ladder with two metal hooks on. To hook over the arm on the lamp.
  11. Hi. bazmanau. Thanks for the tip. Went down to Bondi today and bought 2 bottles.:clap:
  12. Where is the cheapest place to buy ........... Anyone know a tradesman that works for nowt?
  13. Happy Birthday Longshanks. Hope Draggle gave you a great pressie.:partyhat:
  14. Smoking in the car with children is illegal in oz.A fine of around $A200 (one hundred pounds ? )applies
  15. I accepted the fact that oz was a totaly different country and didn't try to compare it to UK. Iwas never called a winging pom as some ten pound poms .
  16. You are asking someone to swap an ausie summer for an English winter? Don't hold your breath.
  17. Perhaps cxc3000 could tell me why hammas fired an antitank rocket at an Israely school bus.Those kids are realy nasty when they stick their tongues out.
  18. I bet you would have laughed louder if it was you that was knocked senseless. I don't think violence is funny.
  19. What do you call two thieves? A pair of nickers. What do you call a chicken in a shell suit? An egg.
  20. SCPWD 1957 apprentice plumber .46 1/2 hours per week .2pound 10 shillings.
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